Lifestyle Photography – Warts and All.

Yesterday I cinched up organizing my Instagram accounts. Or, at least I think I did. I’m really trying to figure this marketing stuff out since getting back into the game.

I now have one IG for business (the polished, no-nonsense account @quirkyandodd) and a personal one where I said I’d share more of the “warts and all” stuff of everyday life of an artist, and more behind the scenes of the studio (@lorigreenbergart).

So, here’s the first warts-and-all photo. I can’t believe I’m showing this. I know I need to master lifestyle photos. It’s been a crick in my craw (is that a real saying?) for a while now. I’ve tried and given up many times, but this time, I’m determined.

Doesn’t this photo just make you laugh? I mean, who even has the idea that you can put something gorgeous in a pile of rocks, stage it with some really cool pods and a little bit of their flowers for a pop of color, and it will magically work?

You know what I see? A pile of rocks and dismembered greenery. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pods! But these look like little green asses that have been severed from their little garden troll bodies — if garden trolls are even green.

I won’t even get into the whole, “your gorgeous ring gets lost in all of that” issue. Or the shadows. ::sigh::

What the hell, y’all? I need some serious help!

Adult Coloring Books

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been up to lately: creating coloring books for adults. I’ve been obsessed. I told friends recently that I used to wonder how I could make a living by sitting around and doodling. While it of course takes a little more than that, it’s what I’ve been feeling lately. I love finding something that comes naturally to me and running with it.

This is a snapshot of a page that is under consideration for the first book:


As I work out the steps on this adventure I wonder what people like. The photo shows a really detailed page. While I love it, I also know that people have told me I’m crazy for the detailed work in which I find comfort. I have a variety of complexities to choose from and am considering giving up the really detailed ones but, we’ll see.

I’m almost halfway done with the first book, and am planning two more, all three to be published in November, most likely towards the end of the month.

Are you a colorist? Do you love the adult coloring books? What are your preferences? I’ve started a facebook group, Lori Greenberg’s Coloring Connection, to share colored designs of the free pages I give away each week for download, and to follow me in this process. Why not pop over and check it out. There is a free page from this past week and another will be posted tomorrow.

How I Meditate

fb160503a1Meditation is a personal thing. Once you have the basics it’s fun to be creative. My intention is to let my thoughts calm and open my awareness. So when I sit in this new routine of mine, I allow myself to take the necessary steps to get to that place.

I do the obvious things of sitting quietly in an upright position, often with palms up and a straight spine. Eyes closed and my intention focused on a point behind my forehead. I then start breathing calmly and deliberately. I have learned that on a good day it takes about five minutes for me to hit the place of calm where my active thoughts start to fade, or at least get more quiet.

During the beginning when my thoughts are very active and vying for my brain-space I do a few things to get past it … all of them gentle and not bossy towards myself. One thing is to practice focusing on an imaginary point behind my forehead. If I notice my eyes clenching and actually trying to look at it, I try to relax them. Some people see colors, or a point of light, I often see the image of eyes. No surprise there. Sometimes I repeat a phrase (mantra or intention) in my mind. Sometimes I’ll hum a ethereal tune repeatedly.

Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with the pineal gland, the place you’re really trying to focus on which is about six inches back from your forehead, and associated with the third eye. So, sometimes I’ll have a little chat with mine. I’ll welcome him to the day, ask him what we’d like to see today, maybe give him a little virtual massage and envision him going out and seeing things.  Sometimes I’ll visualize myself at the end point of a goal that I’m trying to reach and put out to the universe to help me get there without focusing on the steps in between. I believe in the power of my fantasy world and talking to parts of my body when they’re in a state of tension or discomfort. It can help alleviate it just by acknowledging it’s there rather than battling against it or denying it.

But anyway, after I have my little chat and greeting I’ll also talk a little bit to the thoughts that are coming. I encourage them to come, and then go, come and then go. Not trying to fight them off or ignore them but giving them their space because they are the natural function of the brain, and allowing them to pass without dwelling on them or going deeper into more thoughts. As a friend said, watching the river flow by.

That’s about the first five minutes. The I go back to my focusing on a point and letting my mind quiet. I might notice aches in my muscles or a tight joint, which can be distracting. I breathe and imagine the breath going to that place, again, acknowledging that it is there without cursing it most times that allows it to subside. Same with itches. I do move slightly if my foot starts to fall asleep which happens to me sometimes. And sometimes I’ll scratch an itch. The idea though is to not judge yourself. Some say you have to sit perfectly still and that is preferred but if you do move, don’t get distracted by it. Just do it and move back into letting it come and go.

Sometimes I only sit for about 10 minutes but try to aim for 20. I used to set a timer but I’ve stopped that and go as long as I can. Again, no judgment on myself if it’s a short sitting day. It’s all good.

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