image of mountains for native nations poetry book post

Native Nations Poetry Anthology

Last year we were gifted the Norton Anthology of Native Nations Poetry, When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through, and I’ve been meaning to write this post. It goes in my “Art that Inspires” bucket. Poetry has never been my thing I readily admit that I’ve never

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image of a junk journal example

What is Junk Journaling?

Junk journaling is a style of art journaling where you use materials that are usually destined for the trash, like old papers, ticket stubs, magazine clippings, and even candy wrappers – and turning them into a unique journal. A junk journal is a place where you can glue, paint, write,

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image of someone painting in an art journal

What is Art Journaling?

Have you ever wanted a special place where you can mix all kinds of media and not worry about the end product? To express yourself or just to play because it feels good to create? Drawing, painting, writing, collaging… That’s what art journaling is. It’s like having a sketchbook diary,

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image of carving a rubber stamp

Carving Rubber Stamps

I’ve been more in the art journaling side of the studio than the jewelry making studio for the last year. I’ve been making books and journals, and playing around with gel printing. Yesterday I broke out the stamp carving tools. Of course I had to go all detailed, and funky.

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Chuck Close

Chuck Close is undoubtedly one of my top five favorite artists. I am absolutely fascinated by his giant photo-realist portraits. The deconstructive technique used by Chuck Close, along with the visible evolution of his styles over the years, deeply inspires me. “Big Self-Portrait’, [the middle image above] a massive 9ft

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natalie featherston eggs in a nest painting

Natalie Featherston

Natalie Featherston’s art has been an inspiration since the day I laid eyes on her work in the Meyer Gallery, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’d surprised my husband with a trip for his birthday… he got a great trip, and I got a great piece of art by Natalie.

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