First Jumble Junk Journal Flip Through

What is a Jumble Journal?

It’s my method of junk journaling, and my way of avoiding the word “junk” because, while that’s cute and all, I have a hard time referring to anything creative as junk…even if it uses actual “junk.”

Most junk journals–I know…it’s hard to avoid using that word because it’s so well known in art journaling–are made from pages of discarded paper products that make up the pages.

I actually build my pages, and see them as a kind of 2D sculpture process.

This method will not surprise anyone who has followed my art career because it’s a mosaic-like process that utilizes bits and pieces to make a whole.

I have so much to say about it, but here is a start:

If you're interested in junk journaling, or the process of Jumble Journaling like I do, check it out:

Need Help Getting Started?

Jumble Journaling is Magic!

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