Watching Art Emerge

My latest art endeavor has been to let the art lead the way. It is very freeing. Starting with no preconceived notion of what I want to create and waiting for images to appear. It fascinates me to see a finished product, and to take in everything that has shown itself to me. It makes me wonder, how do the images relate to me? How is it that those particular people showed up in the art? How did they get so interwoven with each other? 

The process is a meditative journey, and the end result draws me deeper in, wondering about that journey that took place somewhere in my subconscious mind. It really is magical.

When you look at the modern-day totems that keep presenting themselves to me you see one thing, and then you see another. It’s almost like an optical illusion, with your mind not being able to hold onto one image before it shifts into the next.

For someone who loves eyes, these are a perfect expression for me. I count 30 eyes. Thirty-three if you count sunglasses. Thirty-four if you count 1/2 sunglasses. And there were four more that didn’t make the cut.

The start of the totems.

I cannot tell you how often I think, I need to blog and let everyone know what I’ve been up to in the studio! And then I get distracted. It’s the same reason I don’t always answer the phone. I fee like, if I’m going to answer it I want to be able to give the person on the other line the time and attention that they deserve. If I can’t do that, I feel guilty with my mind in other places when I should be paying attention to PEOPLE. I tell ya, being alone in the office and studio all day has turned me even more quirky than I’ve been.

Here is proof:


This is part of what I’ve been up to. I have revisited an old design concept that didn’t go anywhere. As I thought about it and resurrected it I realized that it didn’t ‘go anywhere’ because I didn’t give it a chance. I made a few beads, they didn’t sell, and I tossed the idea to the side. Things have changed since then. My mindset has changed since then. I am not as concerned about pieces selling to the masses although, I sure do get a smile when that happens.

Before, I used to strive to be an ‘artist’ even though I never really liked referring to myself that way. I have used it for ease when someone asks what I do. I usually say I’m a “glass bead artist” as if somewhere in my rationalizing mind it takes the impact off of “artist” and redirects them to “glass bead” which usually baffles them and I don’t have to carry  expectations of being a “real” artist. I know. It’s disrespectful to glass bead artists and terribly convoluted and confusing. But, that is my mind sometimes.



So, I have been in the studio coming up with lots of new stuff. I love these times when it seems like everything I create is better than the previous thing. Ideas flow, and execution, while not perfectly polished, is sufficient enough to get the idea of where pieces and designs could go. That is…if I dedicate myself to pushing them beyond their initial stages. At this point it is not a matter of giving up on something and leaving it behind, it’s the fact that so many ideas are coming, I have to get them out before they fly away forever. I have all intentions of coming back to all of them because they are all feeling like they could turn into spectacular bodies of work.

Or, maybe not. Maybe they will all be one-offs and ya gotta get ’em while you can. But that brings up the whole thought of listing of them for sale, which is another post for another day.

p.s. These guys above are not finished. They are stacked components of which I am making many before assembly into personal totems and talismans. Talismen? Talismans.