Why I Choose to Give the Best

I Give the Best Because You Deserve the Best. Period.

Don’t you agree? Honestly, I think that the start of this whole ‘give the best’ thing goes back to my childhood. I remember school food drives where we’d be asked to bring canned goods in around Thanksgiving time. I’ll never forget my mom pulling a can of waxed beans off the shelf and handing it to me.

My first thought was, “What the hell are waxed beans?” Maybe I didn’t think ‘hell,’ but you know, what the hell ARE they? Who eats wax? We obviously didn’t because we were giving them away. Then I thought, “That’s going to be one shitty Thanksgiving meal if this is one of the ingredients they have to work with.” Again, maybe I didn’t think ‘shitty,’ but you get my point.

It was at that moment where I decided that if I give things away, I would give things that I would want to get. You may be thinking that people with nothing would be happy to get anything. I might agree with that, but why not give something more than just anything.


clay micromosaic sterling silver ring

Right now, this is one of my best, and I’m giving it away over on Instagram

It’s a sterling silver setting that was made for a stone that cracked, so I filled it with a polymer clay micromosaic.

I love this damn ring.

Check out my Current Giveaway

sterling silver ring giveaway

All you have to do is head over to Instagram and tag a friend who you think would like my jewelry. The instructions are all right there in the first comment of the post.

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