Where do you color?

I realize that it takes nothing at all to pull out your coloring pages and color. A cozy corner in the TV room would suffice nicely. I work from home and have a lot of studio space to which I can escape when I’ve been sitting in my office for too long and just need to unplug (aside from my Spotify playing in the background). So, I use my studio to color, as if I were creating great works of art. It feels good.

Lori Greenberg Coloring Spot

I love my inverted drawing board to help with overhead light glare. The idea is also to help me not hunch over and get a stiff neck and shoulders. I find myself needing to be right up in the detail of the work though and I still find myself tensing and always reminding myself to relax my muscles.

My spectacles are a favorite too. While I only need +1.50 cheaters for everyday reading, I pop on my +3.00 glasses for detailed coloring. I love feeling like I’m right there in the work, watching the marker ink bleed right up to the line as it’s happening.

And my desk light. I have great lighting in the new studio but again, with my old eyes, there is something to be said about having a spotlight blaring on the detailed drawings. I really should draw detailed landscapes and pretend that I’ve shrunk myself because I really do become immersed in the design with everything I use to feel up close and personal with it.

So there you have it. How and why I color like I do. What do you love about your space (even if it’s your lap while you lounge in bed and watch Netflix)?

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