art journal pages with octopus and astronaut

How I Got Into Art Journaling

People ask me all the time how I got started with Art Journaling. I’ve touched on it some in my blog, but not what led up to it.

I wish I had a rosy story to tell, how the heavens parted and I was given sunshine and rainbows and inspiration galore. But it didn’t quite happen that way.

Back around 2016 I was depressed. Not, “I’m sad” depressed but, “I didn’t want to get out of bed, and why isn’t my brain working like it should?” kind of depressed.¬†

My creative spark had been GONE for a good three years. ūüėĪ

Lori Greenberg making glass beads at torch 2016
Working at my Torch in 2015

At the time I was a glass bead maker and my love for the medium just wasn’t there anymore. I was lost, and knew that something had to change.

During that three years I tried so many things to try to break the cycle. I tried different kinds of glass work. I tried writing a novel, twice. I tried digital art. I created coloring books for adults. That all kept me afloat, but my creative joy did not return. 

Out of boredom I signed up for a three-day out-of-state workshop, totally unrelated to glass and jewelry, just to get away. It was paper arts, collage, painting, and all the things that could be used in art journals. All things I’d always been afraid of because I believed I wasn’t any good.

art journal pages with octopus and astronaut
Early Art Journal Pages

The Art Journal Workshop Effect...

At the beginning of the weekend we made and bound a big blank journal, and each day we filled a different two-page spread with each workshop’s project and techniques.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but that weekend my funk started to lift, and my creativity started to return.
Lately I’ve been getting messages from people asking how they can get started art journaling, too. I get it.

Creating is such a life-changing activity with so many benefits:

  • It boosts your mood.
  • It makes you forget about things for a while.
  • You can express yourself in a safe place and way.
  • And you get pretty stuff at the end, just to name a few.¬†

I created a¬†free¬†resource so you can experience those things, too, and help you avoid the pitfalls that I spent so much time in. ¬†It’s a ¬†six-step process for getting started with art journaling.

This roadmap literally shows the exact steps you should take (and in what order!) plus common mistakes to avoid to go from stuck and overwhelmed to living in a state of inspired creative flow.

image of art journaling roadmap

Start Learning...

The Jumble Journal Workshop
will show you everything you need to know about how to get started with a unique way of Art Journaling!

It’s a pretty awesome feeling, and I want you to be able to experience it, too.

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