Help for Irritated/Sensitive Ear Lobes

I have not been able to wear earrings for the past 15 years, at least.  I don’t know what happened but one day my ears just started getting really itchy and red almost immediately upon putting earrings on.  This surprised me because I have had pierced ears since about sixth grade.  It happened shortly after I got a piercing in my upper ear, the second one, with the first one being fine.  This was in the days when you’d get your ears pierced in a kiosk at the mall.

Once in a while I’d try wearing a pair.  I tried every hypoallergenic, niobium, gold and other type of post that people would recommend.  No luck.  I finally gave up.  While at a show this past August someone across the aisle heard me once again bemoan the fact that I can’t wear earrings.  We got to talking and told me that my ears were probably infected.

What?  After 15 years?  Still infected?  They’re fine without earrings in them.  Yep.  She suggested I try putting bacitracin on my ears and my earring posts.  That was four months ago and I kept forgetting.  I was used to not wearing earrings.

This past weekend, while sitting at my studio show making earrings I was really longing to wear a pair. They’re cute and funky!  I didn’t have bacitracin but I did have Neosporin.  So I gave it a try.  I coated my ear lobes and lathered up the ear hooks before putting them in too.  Don’t worry…these don’t go on resale!

I was amazed that the itching didn’t start immediately.  I patiently waited and it never came.  I thought, this is too good to be true.  I did that for the next couple days and I was able to wear the earrings the whole time.  I sit here now, as I type, without using the Neosporin with earrings in my ears and no itching.

Am I cured?  I hope so!

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