Lifestyle Photography – Warts and All.

Yesterday I cinched up organizing my Instagram accounts. Or, at least I think I did. I’m really trying to figure this marketing stuff out since getting back into the game.

I now have one IG for business (the polished, no-nonsense account @quirkyandodd) and a personal one where I said I’d share more of the “warts and all” stuff of everyday life of an artist, and more behind the scenes of the studio (@lorigreenbergart).

So, here’s the first warts-and-all photo. I can’t believe I’m showing this. I know I need to master lifestyle photos. It’s been a crick in my craw (is that a real saying?) for a while now. I’ve tried and given up many times, but this time, I’m determined.

Doesn’t this photo just make you laugh? I mean, who even has the idea that you can put something gorgeous in a pile of rocks, stage it with some really cool pods and a little bit of their flowers for a pop of color, and it will magically work?

You know what I see? A pile of rocks and dismembered greenery. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pods! But these look like little green asses that have been severed from their little garden troll bodies — if garden trolls are even green.

I won’t even get into the whole, “your gorgeous ring gets lost in all of that” issue. Or the shadows. ::sigh::

What the hell, y’all? I need some serious help!

Various stages of done-ness

It’s time to make more face pendants. Here are a few in varying stages of the process. One thing I like about the one below here is that yellowish color. It’s an attempt at blending multiple colors in this style rather than staying in the same family. I tried this when I first started doing the mosaics and didn’t like the results. In the last two years I have learned more about how colors work together (or not) in this technique. So much more to learn.

glass micro mosaic tile

The guy below has a cute little mouth murrine. I don’t remember who I got it from. Greg Chase and Jim Anspach have sent me face part murrini over the years but I also have some that I got from an artist’s studio close-out. I think this one is kind of cool except for the fact that it’s a chip that is very very thin on one edge. I hope it doesn’t get swallowed up by the rest of the design.

glass micro mosaic tile

Here’s one that has the mosaic part complete. See my little signature cane in there? I love that thing. It was the first stringer stack murrine I did. I’m excited about these because I’m going to try something new. I have showed a couple pieces where Chris Mode has done the silver work to make them into pendants. This time I have an idea an I’m going to build the prototype setting in cardboard and see if she will be able to fabricate it for me in silver. While I have some soldering skills, cardboard and glue is a lot less intimidating to me that sheets of silver and solder.

glass micro mosaic tileIf you can’t tell, I’m also messing around with a new photo set-up. I purchased the light boxes from Doug Baldwin. It’s hard adjusting to the look that I’m getting because I do like a little shiny glare on my pieces. I mean, they’re glass, and I’ve been liking my pictures for a long time. So, I’ve tried a could different things to rig them up to my liking. I’m not sure I’m there yet though.

Why did I change? It just looks like an easier set up than what I have. I don’t know though. When will I get it and be satisfied? Maybe if I ever get that macro lens and learn to use my ‘good’ camera?


Almost 4 weeks off of Facebook – I think I’m gone.

I can’t believe that it has been over three weeks that I have been Facebook-free. I admit that I miss it but less and less and only at fleeting times during the day when I think I want to whip out a status.  I have refrained though because really? It’s not that important and I don’t really know what it would accomplish. I see it as a “going out” of my energy with no real purpose other than entertainment…which is ok but, I really don’t need the entertainment. I don’t feel that I’m lacking in that department.

The main benefit I’ve experienced is reclamation (is that a word?) of time. I don’t get sucked into mindless surfing which means I have more time to do other things that I enjoy and ARE productive…like making things both in the studio and the kitchen. I also don’t feel rushed because I’m not trying to squeeze more time in because I wasted it on Facebook or the internet.

It has caused me to blog a bit more (I have three other blogs) and I like that. I could be better at that too.

I feel more focused on my “real” life because I’m not thinking about my “virtual” life. I feel bad saying that because many of my friends are mostly online with occasional face-to-faces through the year…online is how we banter and interact. But, when I think about it…my face to face friends? I would never spend as much time with them as I do with y’all on Facebook so get over it.  :o) We’ll see each other soon enough, right? No, it is never soon enough.

So, those things are pretty obvious, right? But you can’t know what I’m talking about unless you experience it for yourself. And you can’t experience it the way that I do unless you feel you spend too much time online/facebooking to where you have an inkling that maybe it’s not such a good thing.  And really, you can’t experience it like I do no matter what you think because everyone has their own experiences that are unique to them.  Whew. Ok, off this computer and on with the rest of the day.

p.s. do you like the photo of one of my bouquet beads taken by David Orr? Now I want THAT kind of set up! Ahhhhhh. The dream of being good at everything.  ::sigh::

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