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Why I Choose to Give the Best

I Give the Best Because You Deserve the Best. Period.

Don’t you agree? Honestly, I think that the start of this whole ‘give the best’ thing goes back to my childhood. I remember school food drives where we’d be asked to bring canned goods in around Thanksgiving time. I’ll never forget my mom pulling a can of waxed beans off the shelf and handing it to me.

My first thought was, “What the hell are waxed beans?” Maybe I didn’t think ‘hell,’ but you know, what the hell ARE they? Who eats wax? We obviously didn’t because we were giving them away. Then I thought, “That’s going to be one shitty Thanksgiving meal if this is one of the ingredients they have to work with.” Again, maybe I didn’t think ‘shitty,’ but you get my point.

It was at that moment where I decided that if I give things away, I would give things that I would want to get. You may be thinking that people with nothing would be happy to get anything. I might agree with that, but why not give something more than just anything.


clay micromosaic sterling silver ring

Right now, this is one of my best, and I’m giving it away over on Instagram

It’s a sterling silver setting that was made for a stone that cracked, so I filled it with a polymer clay micromosaic.

I love this damn ring.

Check out my Current Giveaway

sterling silver ring giveaway

All you have to do is head over to Instagram and tag a friend who you think would like my jewelry. The instructions are all right there in the first comment of the post.

Evil Eye Divider

Occult Water Collection

The Occult Water Collection features sterling silver statement rings and pendants with teal and blue glass centerpieces, as well as some blue Owyhee opal pieces.

I never know where to start when I try to describe the inspiration for a collection because it usually starts out with one thing, and by the time I’m deep into it, it’s morphed into another. So, I’ll just dive into where I am right now with it.

Teal glass set in abstract, hand-fabricated, sterling silver.

This collection came to me in a meditation. One of my goals for 2019 was to spend more time living in the place of “flow.” You know, that magical feeling of everything aligning perfectly. It is the best feeling in the world.

As I was meditating on that state it seemed obvious that images of water would come. In fact, sometimes as I sit in meditation I use the water analogy of a river…seeing any distracting thoughts drifting right by me so that I can settle into stillness.

Silver Ring with Teal Centerpiece, and Stamped Band

On this particular day I wasn’t using the river analogy but right in front of me, in my my mind’s eye, a rushing river with a giant boulder in the middle of it appeared. The water parted effortlessly around the obstacle, and flowed easily past it. It was immediately clear how this vision paralleled life.

When the water came upon a potential encumbrance, it didn’t complain, it didn’t resist, it just moved on by, just as we should when we come up against blockages.

Stylized Evil Eye Ring - Sterling Sliver and Aqua Glass

I was reminded of the power of water. Given enough time, that yielding force of the rushing current will wear that rock down to nothing, and the water will not be diminished one bit. I can get behind that. Be more like water.

So, that’s how it initially hit me, and you can get a feel for the intention behind the pieces. The state of mind I was in while creating them.

Flow. Water. Yielding. 

That’s how it all started. But why occult? Stay tuned.

The Summertime Funk

Is Summertime Funk a Real Thing?

It’s kind of like the summer cold…it doesn’t make any sense. Summer is supposed to be the best time of the year. Unless that’s just me trying to hold on to those carefree summers as a kid. You think I’d have given that up by now, especially considering that I’ve lived in Arizona for over 20 years and summer is definitely NOT the best time of year.

Here's how it goes...

First, I go into panic mode thinking, “Oh no, not this again. How long is it going to last? What do I need to do to stop it? Please don’t let it last as long as last time.”

Then I go into a little self-loathing, and start blaming myself for getting back to this point: “I should have seen this coming and prevented it! I should have known better! Stupid me for letting my guard down and thinking life could be good forever.” I hate when my brain turns all mean on me and won’t let up.

Next is the taking of inventory: “What happened around the time that this started? Diet? Stress? Exercise? Sleep? I usually decide that it’s a combination of all of those. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself [Read with sarcastic tone] >>: Because, you know, I should be able to control everything, right? What kind of weakling am I? 

Finally, I start to have a little breakthrough in my problem-solving and hopefully find the right solution for me at that moment whether it be medication, some type of supplement that has been lacking, and getting back square with those other things I mentioned above.

Getting Back to Basics...

As I regain my vigilance in all the things I mentioned above, and I wait for things to settle down I try not to dwell on it, and try to not be angry with myself, because I’ve come to find that any type of stress makes it a thousand times worse. My adrenals do NOT like stress. I mean, who likes stress? But for me it’s different, it can really knock me down if it’s too much for a sustained period of time, and I suspect that this cycle started to build at the beginning of the year but I think I’m getting back on track and righting what I’ve neglected in my self-care.

This time around my saving grace has been embroidery, and getting caught up on Netflix. The stitching is soothing, and Netflix is a distraction that keeps me from thinking about everything I should be doing but just can’t at the moment. If it gets really bad I nap with the puppies.

Naps with puppies are always good.

What about you? Do you experience a summer funk?

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