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Alphabet Murrini Woes

A while back I bought up some alphabet murrini when Frantz was having a sale on them, trying to get rid of them. I saw something, I don’t know what, and had to have the whole alphabet despite the fact that they were made mostly of my least favorite color of glass, transparent cobalt blue. So, I placed my order knowing that I’d be missing a few of the letters because they were sold out.

Of course, this new project needed a couple of those letters; an R and a G. So, off I went to create my own to fill in the gaps.

Letter R Murrini


It took me almost an hour to make that R and I think it came out pretty well considering this is only the second murrini I’ve ever made.

Letter R MurriniUnfortunately, after I took that hour to make the R I found some of the commercially pulled R cane. I didn’t need it after all. But, it was a good exercise. The G on the other hand turned out to be a nightmare.

Letter G Glass murriniThe white was not dense enough in the first attempt despite being the same white I used in the R. So I made them again, with ivory. Same problem. That was two canes, one hour each, humid and sweaty in 100 degree Arizona heat, both of them sucked and I hate cobalt blue glass. But I needed a G-damn G. So, I tried again with a different white that my facebook friends said would be better. I also tried to make sure my lines were thicker this time.

Letter G Murrini


Still not perfect but better and sufficient.

So, if you’re one of those people that don’t get why art can cost so much? Now you see. Three hours of work to get two little chips of a G for my next piece. Thank heavens I didn’t have to make the whole alphabet. But then again, if I would have, I would have chosen much better colors.



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