More Chocolate and Blue Lampwork Beads

You remember the absolutely gorgeous blue and brown beads that I wrote about? And that some were cracked? Well, they haunted me and I decided to try with a different type of glass that was all compatible…no worries about cracking. The only worry I had is that the colors wouldn’t strike me as much as the first color.

Well, I was wrong. They are just as beautiful as the first set. And really, even moreso because, like with everything, the more you make, the better you get at it. So, check them out. And if you like them enough, go buy them on Etsy.

And yes, I know they look very Sarah Moran-ish and I’m not quite sure what to do about that right now. I didn’t set out to make Sarah Moran-like beads, although her beads are an inspiration. This shape, using the Zoozii cone drop tool with the additional top for bicones, is formed by stacking graduated sizes of dots and pressing along the way to keep the cone sides even. Alternate colors for those stacked dots, and this is what you get.

As with anything new that I start doing, once I get a design scheme that I like, I then use it for color studies.  What colors would go together and work in this shape/style?  Which ones don’t work?  It helps me to learn more about color and leads me in the direction of different bead shapes and designs.  So, stick around to see what comes next.

Reverse Bicone Beads. I Can’t Stop!

Here’s the latest on Etsy:

You might remember my excitement over the reversed bicone shape…at least that’s what I’m calling them.  I’m not exactly what the shape is called…it’s the drop cone tool from Zoozii’s Tools using the additional top for the bicone.

Aren’t they awesome?  So awesome I even listed them on Etsy. When was the last time that you saw that from me?  And yes, I have more of the circus colors at the link above that I need to get around to listing.

So, what do you think?

My Take on the Zoozii Crystal Shaped Beads.

If I ever write another book, remind me to give myself at least a year to work on it in a more evenly paced time frame. Remember over a month ago when I was so excited that the text portion was finished? Ha! I asked the layout person to find me more pages if she could. And she did. So I wrote more.

I still have one more page to write and the rest of the time has been spent making beads to photograph. I’m gonna have some killer beads to sell but today I was most excited about the necklace I’m going to make with the cover beads! Won’t that be a cool thing to have on at a book signing?

CrystalsI saw Dawn Ceccacci’s beads from the Zoozii Crystal at the Michigan Cabin retreat last month and really liked the feel of them. I kept meaning to try the tool she brought all weekend to see if it was easy to use and I kept getting distracted and never did try it.

I was so hypnotized by her beads I can’t believe I never even asked her if she wanted to trade. Everyone was doing it…that’s why you bring beads. And I missed out. She can do some major justice to this shape and frit blends too.

Now, I have no idea what to do with a bead this shape but I do like how they look. I can see them in necklaces or earrings but not really in bracelets. But who am I to say? I’m a bead maker not a jewelry pro. The style is chunky funky long necklaces, isn’t it? So, maybe that will hold you over until I can get back to selling?