So much goes into a final design product…

I recently wrote about the “search for inner peace” and incorporating it into my beads over on Watch Me Create.  I wrote about part of where I’m coming from but I’d like to share more with you here.  I’ve been busy, and that’s probably not the best way to search for inner peace, right?  But, like I always say…ANYONE can find peace by meditating on top of a mountain…doing it in everyday life is the true challenge.

You might remember that I’ve dabbled in Venus beads.  Not your traditional Venus de Milo goddess forms but a cross between venus flytraps and another, not-so-subtle, female representation.

I only dabbled in them because, well, I’ve had this mindset that, if they sell, I make more. And these haven’t sold like hotcakes.  I’m on the edge of changing that mindset because I absolutely LOVE these beads and am convinced that people just don’t appreciate the true impact of them yet.  They’re ahead of their time.  Yeah.  That’s it.

I feel silly admitting it but I pondered why they weren’t selling…like that should matter with art.  But it does if you’re trying to make a living at it.  Maybe they are too bulky?  Too bright and bold?  Just too darn funky?  Offensive?  So I tried a smaller rendition and they were ok.  They sold.  Hm.  But I, as the artist, didn’t like them as much.  So that’s a dilemma.

I decided it was time to get serious and I broke out the sketchbook.  Well, not really.  I got my sharpies and some shiny paper.  You  know it’s bad when I start to consider designing on paper.

If you can read my notes you can see that I’m reasoning with myself that I should be making what I like and stop trying to fit into something else.  I guess this is the crazy artist version of talking to yourself and answering back.  It worked, some.  I made some neato beads and a few already sold to a regular customer who sometimes makes studio visits.  These two:

It was interesting to me that these more earthy beads weren’t as appealing to me as the previous, brighter venus beads.  What has happened to me?  So, naturally, I tried to incorporate some brighter colors into this new rendition and yuckity yuck yuck.  Here’s just one that resulted from that little educational detour:

So, I decided to leave the bright colors to the original venus beads.