Arizona Midday – Lori Greenberg TV Debut

Here are a few pictures from the Arizona Midday experience yesterday…

First, my husband has rubbed off on me. Whenever we shoot video of the kids or anything else we do, he makes sure to get a picture of the place/name/sign/logo of where we are. You know…for atmosphere and to set the tone. The Arizona News Building Sign:

Next, me on the big day…showing the scale of the dishes that it takes to put the show out there to the Phoenix Valley. I was surprised that they were on the ground.

Here’s a little peek at the studio. What an illusion TV puts on! The wall behind where I was standing was painted to look like a screen, I think and it actually sloped towards the floor. This was such a small room and they had three segments set up at the same time that they switched between for the show.

Last, a couple pictures that my husband took while I was on, from the ‘green room’…that was not green and it sure wasn’t glamorous. It almost felt like a holding tank. With mirrors everywhere and a couple flat panel tvs.

Here’s me holding up a glass rod and mandrel. I didn’t have much time to explain how lampwork works but they did cut to the video of my studio and the torch in action.

The one below is me demoing just how to simple wire wrap an art bead. My hands were shaking like crazy and I couldn’t stop it and I forgot to explain what I was doing. Nice demo. My husband said it looked great…but he has to say that.

So, there you have it. At least you can see these images. I’ll be ordering a video of the segment today and hope to get it on here soon. Thanks for following along. It was fun.

Oh, and thanks to Interweave Press, who asked me to do this spot to promote the Phoenix BeadExpo this coming weekend!

Watch Me on TV.

arizona middayI’ve been asked to do a 3-5 minute spot on Arizona Midday on Monday, the 28th on channel 12 in Phoenix.  It’s in relation to Interweave’s BeadExpo at the Phoenix Convention Center the following weekend (May 2, 3 and 4). I hope I don’t get bumped for something like a dancing poodle act.

Can I just say that I get really nervous about these things?  I know it’s no big deal.  But I’m a chicken.  How can I pass that up though?  So, to deal with the nerves?  I put it out of my head and wait until the last possible minute to prepare the answers to the questions they’ve already provided me.  I hope they don’t read this because they won’t know I’m just being silly here…honest, I’ll do a good job…I prepare better under pressure.  If I obsessed about it now it would just be a waste of my time.

If you won’t be able to watch, I’m going to TiVo it and hopefully there is a way I can download it to disk then upload it to youtube.  We also shot some video of the studio and a few seconds of me working at the torch and overnighted it to them.  We’ll see if that gets used though because they seemed more interested in jewelry, not bead making.

They asked me if I’d demo how to make a quick piece of jewelry.  So let’s see…answer five questions and make a piece of jewelry in 3-5 minutes.  Sure.  No problem.  Except there’s this little problem.  I don’t make jewelry.  But I have ideas of what I can do.

Which brings me to a question…you’re a beadmaker.  You make beads.  You sell beads.  You only want to make and sell beads.  You want to promote yourself in print.  Magazine articles.  Books.  etc.  But people keep asking you “can you make the beads into a jewelry piece?”


I make beads.  So other people can make jewelry with them.  I don’t want to make jewelry just because.  I make it once a year for a studio show and I end up selling more beads than jewelry.  It drives me nuts.  But I do what I gotta do.  If it means getting me a magazine article, a book deal, a write-up somewhere or a tv spot, I’ll make you all the jewelry you want.  And then I’ll take two weeks to recover from the over exertion of my little brain.

But anyway…did that make up for not being around too much recently?  I tell ya, these kids take up time!  What’s up with that?