Ten Buck Sale…

Regarding yesterday’s post and all those beads that I showed…did you know that I’ve been having Ten Buck sales?  Two so far in the last month.  All those beads you saw in yesterday’s post?  I’ve been listing them on my site slowly but surely for $9.99 each.

Why didn’t you know about this?  Because you probably aren’t on my mailing list. (subscribe over there on the left).  I email immediately when I’m done posting them.  Yes, the link to the Ten Buck sale is there on my site under “catalog by style” but they have been flying out the door as soon as my email goes out so there isn’t much left for the casual browser.

I have been so busy that my newsletter hasn’t been weekly and it hasn’t been much of a newsletter so rest assured, you won’t be spammed and you can unsubscribe any time you like.  I hope to see you there!