Silversmithing work station. For now.

Remember all that silver work I’ve been learning and practicing?  I thought I’d show you where it’s all happening…this little spot in my studio is cram packed with the tools I’ve been using.

silver smithing set up in studio lori greenberg

I’m still in the process of rethinking the studio.  Since I’m not planning on doing much bead stringing I’m wondering if I could move some of my metal working over there.  I don’t quite see it yet but I will.  I’m already removing shelves that I don’t need so that gives me more space.

Tool racks you see in this picture are also headed either to storage or for sale and the tools are going to be packed away too.  I just don’t use them and I have plenty others that are waiting for me to write up into articles and such.  Some people say you can never have too many tools.  These days I’m saying I’m overwhelmed with tools.