The Inspiration of the Rings…

I forgot, as I wrote about the rings that I’m making to show you one of the inspirations.  The one that made me start wearing jewelry any time, anywhere.  And that’s a big feat because I don’t wear jewelry.  So here it is…from Mackey’s Mark.  Beautifully set photos under resin in sterling silver!  Get yourself one.  Or two.  Today.  You won’t be sorry.

Glass Disk Rings Continue.

I’ve been busy and probably not focusing as well on the things that I should be, with my studio tour show starting this weekend. Remember I wrote about the rings I was making for the show? Here are a handful more that I’ve created:

I like the earthy tones but I think I got Kerry Bogert stuck in my head last week. And when that happens, you just gotta let her out. She’s relentless.

They’re then epoxied onto a base of a Burgard Studio sterling silver adjustable ring band. The disks are silver cored and it’s not necessary, but it’s in there.

Here are more, waiting to be made into rings:

And here’s one that would have been really cool. I used a Lauscha Tri-Colored rod and I’m wondering if the layers of glass weren’t compatible? I’ll have to look into that.

Check out part two tomorrow about how this has spurred me forward in many ways…

Lori Greenberg Jewelry Designs: Rings

Can you believe it?  I have jewelry designs.  And just in the nick of time…my big jewelry show is coming up in a couple weeks.  I have been sweating it, kind of.  I mean, two weeks till show time and no jewelry?  I have some half finished pieces and some ideas kicking around in the ole melon but nothing that I could put a price tag on yet.

Except this:

This is just a quickie picture and it doesn’t look that clear, does it?  You can’t see the fact that the disk bead has about 8 different colors and has a really rich pommegranate/berry watery feel to the base bead.  I’m in love with it and I never thought I’d be able to make a piece of jewelry that I’d actually want to wear.

You see, I don’t wear jewelry and I’m not usually drawn to it.  A few weeks ago I splurged and bought a honkin’ ring from an artist at a show because I loved the art, not because I wanted jewelry. But I am in love with that ring (I’ll show pictures next time I have it around the camera) and I wear it everywhere…in my sweat pants taking the kids to school, to the grocery store, even right up until I start to do something that could potentially damage it.  Then I take it off.

But anyway, it inspired me to start wearing jewelry and to make my own.

I have lots of other colors in the kiln waiting to be assembled.   They’re on sterling silver adjustable ring blanks but I’m rethinking that.  The disks are silver cored (not that that matters because it doesn’t show) and then a tiny cone shaped spike that I made off the end of a mandrel is set on top of where the hole is.

What do you think?  And what pricing do you think fits?  I’d like to see if I’m on track.