Six Reasons to Prepare Early for a Big Show

1.  Your kid will inevitably strep throat along with vomiting three weeks before you’re scheduled to leave, resulting in three days home from school.

2.  Your other kid will get strep throat two weeks before you have to leave, resulting in three days home from school.

3.  You will get strep throat the week before you have to leave.  But at least the kids will be back in school and you can make yourself work…somewhat.

4.  You’ll decide a month before the show that you just have to start that new blog you’ve been kicking around.  And while you’re at it, why not re-design your web site too?

5.  You will get three huge wholesale orders right when you kick into production mode.

6.  You will probably get inspired by some new, great idea, when you should be making inventory for the show.

A part of my creative process and production work.

There was a time in my life when I thought I wanted to be a production artist. When I studied textile design in college the head of the department had me convinced that I had no artistic talent. I made a decision right then that I loved the process of making art so much that it didn’t matter to me if I didn’t have the creative eye, I’d work for a designer and reproduce their designs for them. I had a brief stint of that working at a weaving studio and I did love it, but it didn’t pay enough to survive on much more than cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches.

So why do I tell you that? Because I’ve overcome that and changed my mind. I have had an inkling that something was going on in this last year but I ignored it. How many times have you heard me say, “I just came up with something new and I could make them all day?” I was partially right. I could make them for a day but after that, yikes.

This week I had the opportunity to make 54 of the same focal bead and it brought up so many things as I was working. First, it does really help you to hone your skills and timing and that is a good thing. I suspect that when I go back to the torch on Monday I’ll have jumped a notch in my control of the glass. But it brought up all kinds of other interesting thoughts too. (That’s the joy of creating art for hours at a time….you go into the zone and your mind wanders).

It brought up frustration with the fact that I was getting all kinds of cool ideas in the zone and couldn’t stop to explore them. I guess I could have but I’d never meet my deadline for this project. I felt trapped, especially because I had that black and yellow/orange set waiting for me to finish it so I could show you.

The monotony of it all allowed me to rethink my business plan and my style of working. Always the multi-tasker, I brainstormed. I think I might be a one-of-a-kind kinda artist for a while. I think it will add more value for customers too. It’s already started to happened but reluctantly because I’ve felt like I need things to be able to reproduce. (Must be that college training/decision)