Kitty Litter Inspired Woman to New Artistic Heights

Do you wonder how people come up with really cool color combinations? I like to think of myself as a student of color. My focus has always been on layering colors and creating new colors. I love though, the color combinations that other people come up with. How the colors lay next to each other and highlight and accent each other. That doesn’t come to me naturally. That’s one that makes me have to think a little bit and I don’t like thinking too much. I like it when things flow out of me naturally.

kitty litter imageBut anyway, while writing a post for my other blog, the illustration picture was of, well, kitty litter. When I went to optimize the picture in Photoshop, the setting was set for the graphic I was working on previously to the .gif format. It showed, what I think is, the breakdown of the colors in the image. I was pleasantly surprised to see that clean kitty litter really has some beautiful colors.

At first glance the kitty litter looks pretty bland, boring and brown, like most everything else around me here in the middle of the desert. We forget to look more closely at what colors are really in there…at least, I do.

kitty litter breakdown - what makes kitty litter color

Look what Photoshop gave me when I used ‘save for web’ and choose the gif format. Of course, the steel blue scoop adds to the spectrum here but wow. Seeing something broken down this way has given me a whole slew of ideas. Why does that happen? I’m in production mode and this is twice in two days that I’ve been bombarded with new ideas. Anyway. Pretty cool, huh?