My Tim Burton Period. According to my mother.

Cirque in GrayMy mom helps me at shows…thanks mom! It’s kind of funny to watch her ‘work’ because she is so excited about everything and it’s probably the only time I hear her brag on me. Not that my mom’s not a bragging mom, but if she is, I never hear it.

The bragging is kind of embarassing but I let her get away with it because, well, believe it or not, it’s hard for me to talk about my work. I’d much rather not but someone’s gotta do it and she does it great, face to face.

What brings this up now is because I saw a commercial on tv tonight while watching Halloween shows with the kids for The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is now in 3D, if you wanted to know. It hit me…that is what my stitched beads remind me of in some way. I love Tim Burton. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I have the Corpse Bride movie around here somewhere that I still haven’t watched.

So, what does this have to do with my mom helping at shows? Well, I sit back and listen to her and I can see her taking great pride when someone picks up a Monet bead and she tells them, “That’s from her ‘Monet period'”. Like I’m a Picasso going through my blue period or something. I have to try real hard not to laugh every time…that probably wouldn’t look too good, huh? But I do get a kick out of it. I can just hear it now when someone picks up a stitched bead at the next show. Oh, “That’s her Tim Burton period.” I’m guessing blank stares would be the reaction to that comment.

Monet Bead with a Twist or Two.

Here’s a Monet series bead done in non-Monet like colors. I like exploring the different colors within this technique because the results can be very surprising. This type of bright color work I can handle because it’s toned down with organic elements.

The Monet beads were a hit at the Gathering, especially in the large size. While I think I take pretty good photos, I think the depth of these just aren’t evident. I’d love to hear from those of you that traded wtih me for a Monet about how you think the pictures here compare to the real thing.

I inspired myself. More Monet Beads.

New Monet VineyardUsually when I feel uninspired and not knowing what to create I turn to sources outside myself…nature, art pictures, shows, paintings, whatever. Today I wasn’t necessarily looking for inspiration but have been feeling a bit sluggish and I went to clean the beads I made before the holiday. There were a bunch for show inventory and I’ve seen them many many times but there were also a few of these larger Monet crunch shaped beads that I’ve been making.

Well, I picked them up and checked them out and immediately a spark lit and I couldn’t wait to get to the torch. I actually inspired myself which was a weird sensation once I thought about it…but kinda cool. I won’t even pretend to anticipate that happening again.

I also feel a little funny making the same thing over and over (Monet beads) but I just can’t stop. I get bored of things very fast and these are sticking with me. That tells me that there is more to this. My heart is calling them forward and something is making me hang onto them.

As you may know, it’s not my nature to stick with a style very long before I’m onto the next one. So what do YOU make of this? I just hope that they sell at my shows. I know they’ll trade at the Gathering but that ain’t what pays the bills! They really do need to be seen in person too.