Working Toward my Intention for 2009.

While I’m loving the glass rings, the adjustable bands need to be re-thought.  I like them for what they are (a lower price point item) but I want something that says GALLERY.  One thing I’ve learned is that, the more seriously you want to be taken, the more seriously you have to think and plan what you’re doing.

Libby L. wrote a post on Lampwork Etc about why her work was rejected by a jury.  Beautiful work but one important thing was that there were ‘mass produced’ components in the work like clasps and a couple charms.  The bottom line that I took away from that was…make everything yourself.  That has stuck with me and I’m working towards that goal.


I was motivated to finally hook up this little baby:

It’s a Smith Little Torch that runs on propane and an extra oxygen concentrator I have. Yay!  I didn’t have to buy new equipment and I can’t believe I had all the parts I needed to hook it up with quick connects to my plumbed gas line.  It all seemed too easy.

But what does that have to do with the rings I’ve been making?  I also ordered some tubing and thicker ring bands so I can make my own ring bases with prongs.  The ‘grown up kind’.  No offense there to you all using adjustable ones but I think those won’t fare as well when going to a gallery or jury.  Tell me if I’m wrong.

I find it strange that as this economy is tanking that I’m taking it up a notch.  I know it has to be a part of this whole intention for 2009 thing.  The only way I’m going to reach my goal is to think bigger and better.  It’s all falling into place.  More custom components, as opposed to buying them.  More craftsmanship instead of assembling pre-made pieces.  More thought and designing instead of stringing and simple solutions.

I’m excited about doing more silver work and hopefully the PMC component will kick in too.  One thing at a time!

Making Jewelry and Documenting it.

I’ve been working diligently on some pieces for another article.  They asked for the how-to for the jewelry piece as well as the beads and it was that piece that took me 15 – 20 hours to make. Well, needless to say, I’d already mailed the piece and I built it, yes, ‘built’ it as I went along so I have no idea how to recreate it.

Soooo, my solution was to create a whole new one and document it as I went along, i.e., write the article as I went. It has 8 focal beads in it, about 160 wire wrapped dangles and lots of knotted, frayed and cut silk. Whew.

WIP - Disk ChokerOn another note though, the piece will double for the second thing that has been taking up my time these past couple weeks. I’ve applied to be juried into the Sonoran Arts League, of which I’m a member, but not a juried member. One thing I like about the jurying process is that you submit actual pieces, not images or slides. If you’ve ever received my beads you might see how an image just doesn’t catch the sparkle of glass, nor does it satisfy the tactile…how do you say it? tacticity? tactileness? tactilicity? you know…how darn good they feel in your hands…I kind of like “tactilicity”

I need to submit 5 pieces of current work and I’m a little nervous because the league is largely painters and sculptors…some jewelers but lampwork is only a handful and I think we’re all pretty new.

There is a wave going on where bead ‘stringers’ cannot apply for the annual studio tour that I’m part of, which is fine by me because I make the beads and my pieces are turning into more sculpture than anything else. I’m just hoping that they’re aware enough of lampwork to know that “Lori Greenberg – Glass Beads and Jewelry” means that I MADE the beads. I wonder if it would be cheating to slip in a note that says, “Just in case you’re wondering…I MADE the beads too.”

The picture shown today is the start of one of the pieces. I have more disks in the kiln that will finish it off, as well as some more fluffy, hand dyed, rolled and stitched silk. I might sew on the silk too…that sounds like fun.

Luckily, all of these pieces take so much time that they’d cost an arm and a leg if I wanted to sell them so they will be staying with me and travelling to shows.