Out With the Old, In With the New…

The current FlamingHot topic is “What are you grand plans for the year?”

Well, I already blogged about my studio focus for the year and that I’m coining it “Art for Art’s Sake.” But, in an effort to follow the sentiment of “Out With the Old, In With the New” I’m making a personal goal to reduce clutter.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  That sounds like a goal that I’ve been meaning to get to every year, right?  But this is the year.  (And I just typed that as my 6 year old handed me a package of daddy’s old guitar strings that I asked him to save for me.  I tossed them into a pile with other stuff on the side of my desk).

Seriously though.  While Cathy Lybarger considered naming 2008 “The year of clean laundry and dirty living” I am going to coin the personal part of my year, “The year of no more $h*t on my counters.”  If you follow my battle with counter top clutter you know that this is not going to be an easy feat.  But, unless I want to ruin my kids for life, I must undertake this challenge.  Or maybe I should get worse at it since you know kids want to be exactly opposite of their parents, right?

Check in with me later to see how I’m doing.  Right now I’m off to buy industrial sized garbage bags for the initial clearing.

By the time 2009 rolls around my kids rooms will be de-toyed.  The ‘play room’ will be converted into a game/video room and the computers will be moved out of the living room.  Heck, I might even get around to some decorating here or there.  On second thought, maybe I should save that one for next year.  I don’t want to over-do it, you know.

New Years Goals: Focus and Name Recognition

Well, maybe not like that sounds but my list of goals for the year are not overwhelming, but hold a laser point focus for efficiency and effect.


If you know me you know that I don’t do resolutions so this year I do ‘goals’. What is the difference? Oh, probably just semantics. My overall goal is to be recognized for my work and to get my name out there in an effort to reach more people and have more repeat customers. I’ve been doing that in the past but this year I have more opportunities for name recognition. So name recognition is the name (no pun intended) of the game this year…and if I feel satisfied where that has taken me early, I’ll have to add some more things on.

I can’t believe I just started to write a “Year in Review” and lost it because I went searching for some html help. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Sheesh.

Happy New Year!