More Gaffer Experiments

Here are some more of those sweet little Gaffer experiments:

I really DO need to order more glass.  I’ve been telling myself that for the last few months but somehow, I manage to get plenty of beads made with what I have.  Go figure.  Anyone who has seen my studio knows that me needing to order more glass is um…what would you call it?  An obsession?  I’ve been doing pretty well living out of inventory.  Mona had to go and do it to me though when she sent me home with these juicy Gaffer colors.  Just enough to tease me into wanting more!

Just look at that minty color and that Taxi Cab Yellow (pumpkin).  The denim blue is pretty cool and the veiled purples rock.  ::sigh::

It’s kind of fun to make these really primitive looking, tiny, two-color beads too.  Just picking up a couple colors and putting them together.  Not trying to create any kind of masterpiece or worrying that it ‘won’t turn out’.  That’s the whole fun of testing.  No expectations…just seeing what happens.

Unfolding the Creative Process, One Step at a Time

Yesterday I talked about the rings and where I’m going with them.  I could have sworn that I wrote part two but I cannot find it anywhere!  In the meantime, this post pushed itself to the front so part two will have to wait a bit since this post feels very important to me today  and I’m working on flowing with what comes up at any given moment…and not just in creativity but life in general.

Lately I have been having this inner conflict about the ‘new’ work I’ve been creating.  It has been looking scarily like artists that I admire so I’ve been fighting it.  I have been telling myself:  NO!  But it hasn’t been working.  It is tortuous.

So I’ve decided to go easy on myself.  I once had someone tell me that I didn’t need ‘punishment’ or ‘reprimand’ because I do it to myself just fine.  I know what my intentions are and they are not to produce work like others.  That is good enough for me.  However, there is something going on that won’t leave me alone and I have to go with it.  If I don’t, and I continue to fight it, I will continue to be in turmoil.

On some level I know that if I give into it, it will dissipate and I’ll be on to the next thing.  The reverse of the whole ‘what you resist, persists’ concept.  I am no longer resisting.  I am letting go of the struggle.  If my work needs to look like others for a few sets of beads, so be it.  It’s a stepping stone.

The second link above is one example of my unintentional copy-cat beads.  Those beads led to these further experiments:

The funny thing is, I’m enjoying the process of layering these dots more than I am the actual beads.  It’s relaxing.  So, that’s where I am with that.  Out there in the open, admitting that it is what it is.

More Glass Pop Art

More experiements in Pop Art. Big hollow beads that I’ve been popping a hole in and exploiting it as a design element. Well, I’m getting better at hollows and they’re not turning out to be as easy to pop. But that’s ok…they’re pretty cool this way too.

Yellow Pop Art

And if you’re wondering, yes, they’re meant to be the shapes they are as opposed to perfect rounds or ovals or other, predictable, symmetric hollow forms. What else would you expect from me? You know what’s coming, don’t you? As soon as I exhaust my color experiments (if that is possible) shapes! I’m seeing organic hollow shapes that look blown or turned. Possible? Maybe I’ll check it out and see where it goes.