Back to the Future

Ah.  Flaming Hot.  I’ve travelled forward five years in time…what does my glass world look like?

If I had a dream, this is what it would be:

No stress!! 

I would waft through the studio and the business of making beads as if floating on a cloud.  Bluebirds would follow me wherever I go, carrying the train of my apron while I sing happy tunes.

I would sit down at the torch, the creativity of new designs would flow effortlessly, and then I would swivel my chair to the metals station and produce gorgeous components to accompany the glass pieces.

My seven dwarves would be busy cleaning up the studio and making sure my countertops were ALWAYS clean.  One of them would be in charge of deadlines and packaging up contest and jury entries.  Another would be in charge of carrying out my marketing ideas.  Another would be in charge of photography for my magazine and book projects and online sales.  Another would make sure there were always groceries in the refrigerator and would bring me fulfilling snacks so I wouldn’t wait until 2:00 to realize I haven’t eaten.   Yet another would just be at my disposal to do projects around the studio.

Oh, and I’d have that show piece of jewelry that I’ve wanted for so long but haven’t been able to get around to because I’m busy making things for other people.

Should I go on?