Survey about classes I’m forming.

If you are from the Phoenix, AZ area and would be interested in classes by me, or attending a hands-on social bead making group on a regular basis, please take my survey.

Right now I’m working on organizing a group of people who want to get together on a regular basis and sit around torches making beads and hanging out.  I’d demo a little and the rest would be free form.  The size limit is 10 people and the cost is for rented torch time.

As that goes on I will be formulating a series of classes and workshops also, when I figure out how much of a need or desire there is for classes by me.  These class would be above the beginner level.  That is, you need to know how to light a torch yourself and be able to make round-ish beads and pull a basic stringer.

Please take the short survey.  At the end there is an area for you to add your email address to the mailing list that pertains only to class information.  You don’t have to answer any of the survey questions to have your name added to the email list. This information will help me to serve your needs better!  Thanks!

Top Eight Reasons NOT to take an Andrea Guarino class in Port Townsend, WA

8. There are wild animals everywhere. And I don’t mean the students. While there we saw immature bald eagles, deer and racoons, just to name a few. In her front yard. Within feet of us. I’ve heard there have been Orca spottings out her front window too. Be safe and stay home…you wouldn’t want to come into contact with one of those, you know.

salmon egg bead

7. You could develop an addiction. You think you’re immune to tool addiction and envy? Think again and don’t test your luck. You will want one of everything. And Andrea probably has it there for you.

6. Your fragile mind could be forever altered. You may find out what a gooey duck is.

5. You might encounter Canadians. And like them. And that could throw you into a problem-solving tizzy every time one of your sweet new friends mentions how hard or expensive it is to get something to them up there. Or how difficult travel may be for them to get to events that the ‘rest of us’ go to. And you’ll start wondering why there is a border and can’t we all just be one?

4. You’ll never want to eat seafood again. At home, that is. You may find that the breakfast sandwich at the fast food place in the airport has better seafood on it than your own local sushi place.

3. You’ll go home feeling neighborly-challenged. After getting used to at least three people/couples/families stopping by the studio daily, you will feel inadequate in your day to day life where no one drops by to visit you ‘just because.’

2. You could lose your whole customer base. After learning what you’re going to learn you will never look at your work the same again. Your $20 beads will immediately be transformed into $75 beads. You could lose your whole customer base because of that. Stay home and save yourself the trouble that this will cause you.

1.  It may end your bead making career. You could go home having learned how to make the beads that I’m showing here and then…what else is there left in life?  You might as well hang it up.  You have just reached the end of the bead-making universe.