Wine, Cheese and Me – Tomorrow 2:00-9:00 p.m.

I’ll be at Fire and Friends Z art show and wine tasting tomorrow, Saturday October 18th from 2:00 to 9:00 pm.  Come by and see other artists, have some wine and cheese and get started on your holiday shopping!

There will be demos, artists showing and the opportunity for you to tour their beautiful facility and checkout what classes they offer.

Oh, and if you like my work, you’ll want to see the new line of jewelry and beads I’ll be displaying and selling!

Fire and Friends Z
8550 N. 91st Ave. #49
Peoria, AZ 85345 | (623) 444-7918

I hope to see you there!

Bead Design with the Principle of Economy…


Stitched Heart Bead

I know. That title sounds confusing. The only reason I use that title is because it’s the title of a post the explains something that I’ve been going towards:


Although, the article pertains to graphic design, I am translating it to bead design. A little background first…

My Stitched Beads (read about them here) came from a popular style in beadmaking where you put everything you possibly can fit onto the surface of the bead. For some people it works, for others, less is more.

That is where I am going with this…

Economy in Design.

Use only what you need to express your point.

No more.

No less.

Come to think of it, I think I did learn that in my one graphic design classes way back when. Of course, I didn’t go into graphic design…but I should have taken more classes on it!

Anyway, it’s a good article. If you’re serious about your bead designs or just want to learn more about how to make a visual impact you should read it. It could be translated into many other areas too…like writing and words. This post that I’m writing definitely does not use the Principle of Economy in Design. But I’m working on something that will hopefully use that concept.

Make Lots of Work to get Better Results

I saw a link to this video over on Polymer Clay Daily and I just had to share it here too.  I love Ira Glass and the radio program he does…it’s part of my inspiration in my work…creative story telling and unique people.

But anyway, even though he’s talking about the art of storytelling, what he is saying applies to any creative process and it’s encouraging.  Check it out.