New favorite bead shape…

While I should have been blogging more I have been obsessed with these capsule shaped beads.

I don’t know why. There really isn’t anything special about them but they have that same quality as round beads do. They just feel good and you want to make more and more especially once you have a few you can fondle periodically.

What will I do with them? I really don’t know. I do know that Tucson is coming up and these could be fun items to add to any order. Maybe come up with some funky, inspiring necklaces. Speaking of which, make sure you check out the new ones on ETSY. Have listed that one and another one too. The beads alone are worth the price the pieces are listed at if you know what you’re looking at.

Handmade chain and a face bead

This is what is new:

I loved every minute of the process of making this guy and it taught me that I am not a jewelry maker but rather, a jewelry builder.  That is what it felt like putting this together.  I built the chain making each link with cutting, soldering, hammering and linking. It was put together piece by piece, not strung.

In the past, something like making a chain seemed tedious to me so I didn’t even consider it. Once I let go of my belief that it had to be perfectly symmetric and like one you would see in a fine jewelry store, I started to like the process. From cutting the wire to soldering and hammering right down to putting the links together. If I could make this organic, rustic looking chain I could see how one would desire to be just a chain maker.

Then there is this pop of glass color on the back of the necklace. For one, I like how it brings character to the piece in a part where most people don’t focus. Up by the neck is not as important as the front focal, so it seems. I disagree.  Plus, this little feature was bred out of my quirky nature. I haven’t worked in the “lesser” metals because I always thought they seemed dirty…even though I liked the look of them, I couldn’t imagine them against my skin. Especially copper which turns me green. So, enter the glass beads to keep the copper away from my skin. I think it’s a good solution.

You can find this and other pieces I’ve built in my Etsy store, right now.

All Glass Choker Necklaces and Why I Love them SO much.

Remember my cute cloud beads that were so difficult for me?  I started that process back in March 2009 after mulling it over for six months.

lori greenberg cute cloud beads

Well, I finally threw together that necklace that I’ve been dreaming about for a while.  Cloudy Skies on Fourth of July on Etsy right now.

lori greenberg cloudy skies on fourth of july necklace etsy

I love, love, love, the choker size/style necklace a lot, although I don’t know if this is really a ‘choker’.  It doesn’t reside up on your neck but more around the base of your neck.  Is there a style name for that?  I also like the feel of an all glass piece up around my neck.  While I love the look of all those new funky metal designs out there these days (brass, copper, bronze, etc.) I have this thing about lesser metals against my skin.  That’s probably a throw back from my youth when I’d get copper rings and bracelets as vacation souvenirs and I would turn green.

So – all glass it is these days.  You’ve heard the saying where people love something so much they just want to roll around in it?  Ok.  Maybe that’s just me.  But, this is the equivalent of loving glass beads so much I want to just roll around in a big pile of them.  Wearing an all glass ‘choker’ keeps my dearest inanimate love as close to me as can be.  I’d probably do the same with my Apple products if I could.