Memory Lane

Once upon a time…

There was a girl who made lots of beads. And they all sold. No matter what they looked like.


They were magic, no matter how simple. And everyone wanted them.


But then things turned, and she followed many other paths along the way, leading her to where she is today.

Further Evolution of Glass Enamel Pillar Beads

After a few days back at the torch I’m finding that beads are taking a lot longer to make than they have in the past. I don’t know if this is because I’ve spent so much time with the mosaics and I’ve learned patience, that the technique requires it or that I’m just slower.

enamel glass beadsI tried a few different things and the beads above, while the technique and illusion is somewhat interesting, bore me in design. I know that some people love black and white but in this particular case, it does nothing for me. So, scrap that and back to ‘basics’. Or, at least, basics of what I started with…the idea to revisit the enameled pillar beads.

enamel glass pillar beadsMuch better in the color department and I remembered that one thing I liked about these beads was decorating corners and edges. The one on the right is an attempt to make the beads more ‘wearable’. Not that these aren’t wearable, I just think that when it comes to adornment and glass beads, many people do not know what to do with boxy, non-traditional bead shapes. While the ‘boxed bicone’ shape is interesting, I still like the boxy shape better.

Which led me back into the dilemma of trying to stay out of the heads of buyers and to stay in my own head. What do I want to make? What makes ME happy? I like these. I like them more now that I see them photographed here than I did when I took them out of the kiln.

They’re nice and bulky too, which I like and another thing that throws people off. But, oh well. If I like it, someone else will like it. It just might be harder to find those people. You know who you are. The largest bead shown above is 2.5″.

More in the kiln and off to make more today. Tucson, here I come.



Back to beads for a while.

blah blah blah skip over part about how life is busy blah blah blah

It has been Tucson inventory brainstorming time for a while and now it’s time to start getting the inventory made. Further creative dilemmas as I would like to be making the mosaics but Whole Bead Show in Tucson is a BEAD show. It would be great to say hell with it, I’m making what I want and people will like it and buy it. BUT. It is a BEAD show. That’s a bit magical thinking to expect to show up at a show where you sell wholesale beads and think that I’d be successful just showing the mosaics. (although there are other products that sell well…$250+ glass mosaics haven’t been in that category, yet) So, I try to get my mind back into the bead realm…


In an effort to streamline my life I have started cleaning things up, including my computer files. While moving and deleting I came across the photo of these old pillar beads. I really liked these. They were fun to make and I like the style.  The larger view (click the file) makes me happy. It was a day when the camera lighting was in my favor.

So, I’m thinking of sitting down and revisiting these. I haven’t used enamel as a major design element in a while. Heck, I haven’t used my torch for beads in a while and, after giving a bulk of my last show inventory to Beads of Courage last month, I need to get to it.

So, I’m digging the enameled pillars, almost like traffic lights and I think I’ll make some more and dream up some new groovy color combinations. Would you believe that these are from 2006? I wonder what seven years of experience will bring to these now?

There you go. Oh. and I will have mosaics in Tucson if you want to see them or even add to your collection. I love picking up new collectors!