Get back in the art show ring?

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in homeschooling. It’s easier than I thought and really does take less time than a school day however, it takes more of my time than public school used to take. I’ve adjusted to that by giving up everything else I used to do. In some ways that’s relaxing. In other ways I sometimes wonder just what I’m spending all of my time on now.  Then I remember, oh, yeah, protecting, forming, and nurturing a very happy teenager, and it’s all good.

That said, I haven’t done shows this year and the deadline for application to my big studio tour is coming up next month. I don’t know what I want to do. I want to do the show but I don’t want to be stressed because I don’t have enough time. I have a couple other artists who are looking to get back here, after not showing here last year and I feel a little obligation. I’d be perfectly happy not to show but I like the extra cash and thrill of selling my work. I wonder if the kid will be back to regular school by fall. I wonder if summer will bring me studio time. And, what about that book I’m supposedly writing?

glass and enamel beads

We thought the new studio space would be done by now. In fact, that’s why I didn’t show last year. I thought we’d still be under construction. We have the designs done and permits in but haven’t broken ground yet. I want to use the new space for paper, fiber, painting, etc. and had the idea of filling the space with pieces (2D art, mobiles, panels, vessels, jewelry, whatever) and putting everything for sale at the studio tour. What doesn’t sell could/would go on sale online, or elsewhere, and start all over for next year. Maybe take emails at the show and have a New Year trunk show, reduced price sale.

While that sounds fun, I don’t even know if I can make wall pieces, whether that would all be too disjointed or how any of that would work out. That’s my current dream though. In-between all that other stuff.

Back to beads for a while.

blah blah blah skip over part about how life is busy blah blah blah

It has been Tucson inventory brainstorming time for a while and now it’s time to start getting the inventory made. Further creative dilemmas as I would like to be making the mosaics but Whole Bead Show in Tucson is a BEAD show. It would be great to say hell with it, I’m making what I want and people will like it and buy it. BUT. It is a BEAD show. That’s a bit magical thinking to expect to show up at a show where you sell wholesale beads and think that I’d be successful just showing the mosaics. (although there are other products that sell well…$250+ glass mosaics haven’t been in that category, yet) So, I try to get my mind back into the bead realm…


In an effort to streamline my life I have started cleaning things up, including my computer files. While moving and deleting I came across the photo of these old pillar beads. I really liked these. They were fun to make and I like the style.  The larger view (click the file) makes me happy. It was a day when the camera lighting was in my favor.

So, I’m thinking of sitting down and revisiting these. I haven’t used enamel as a major design element in a while. Heck, I haven’t used my torch for beads in a while and, after giving a bulk of my last show inventory to Beads of Courage last month, I need to get to it.

So, I’m digging the enameled pillars, almost like traffic lights and I think I’ll make some more and dream up some new groovy color combinations. Would you believe that these are from 2006? I wonder what seven years of experience will bring to these now?

There you go. Oh. and I will have mosaics in Tucson if you want to see them or even add to your collection. I love picking up new collectors!

Hidden in the Hills and New Work

Been running here there and everywhere but wanted to pop in and give you an update. New work coming out of the studio this week:

tentacle micro mosaic

Tentacles with juicy suckers. New obsession but you know how that goes. I deeply love the subject, process and outcome and then bam. Inspiration for something equally as lovable hits and I’m off to the next thing.

suckers up close


The close up is pretty cool too. I have under one week to figure out how I want to finish these and turn them into something to display or wear. Hidden the Hills Studio Tour starts next Friday! Come visit my studio, see me at work and where the magic happens. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then again the following weekend. Click the link up there and find out more about the studio tour (165+ artists and about 45 studios).


simon bar sinister glass micro mosaic

Simon bar Sinister is fused and glorious. I’m very happy with how he turned out. I think he should be a pendant. I’d wear him proudly but will offer him up at Hidden in the Hills first. Come on by! For those of you new to the micro mosaics, the ones shown here are less than 2″ square. Simon is 1.5″! You will want to stop by if even to just marvel at the tiny components with which they’re built. Glass strings!