Flower Nails

No, I’m not talking about a manicure. I’m talking about actual nails. Are these not just the cutest thing?

Found over at one of my favorite blogs to skim Likecool.com (who will send you to the original link that looks to be all in Japanese).

My first thought of course is, “oh, I should make some of those”.  See? I’m just as bad as those people that come up to my booth and say “I can make that myself.”

*All they are” are regular nails that have the heads ground away to be flowers, right? Mm hm. I would only need to get what is needed to do the grinding. So, I’m thinking it would be much easier to buy a pack (if I could read Japanese at the site).

These are just a perfect solution for me, the “I-want-to-hang-it-now-and-I-don’t-care-what-the-nail-looks-like-when-it-shows” person. ::sigh::  I so need decorative help.

It was a crafty long weekend.

Ya know, I’m not really a crafty person. I’d rather be in my studio making something a little more detailed but, for the long holiday weekend it was too hot to go out and do anything fun and it seemed like everyone around me was sick. Well, not everyone but more than enough to make it a stay-at-home and watch tv weekend.

We did manage to make it to the craft store because the 7 year old wanted to make stuffed animals and I thought that would be easy enough. So, this is what we spent the weekend doing in between making muffins and de-cluttering the pantry because there was no other food nearby:

She picked the designs and sewed a lot of the doll one. I cut and sewed the rest, and she stuffed. It was actually kind of fun. Just what we need…more stuffed animals, but both kids still play with them and I managed to get her two huge bookshelves cleaned out and gave away a lot of stuff so, it’s the least I could do…and pretty cheap, too, considering a sheet of felt is about 36 cents, compared to a $15 toy store plushie.

We made a little snake with flowers on it too…it is cute and I have another two on their list to be made.

Current project…

I’ve been busy…haven’t we all?  Trying to jump back into my business which once included blogging, didn’t it?

This is the upcoming, “fun-while-I’m-on-weekend-vacations” project:

Unfinished guitars and guitar parts that the Sugah Daddy painstakingly hunted down on eBay.  Ready to carve, paint and otherwise embellish.  Can you imagine a whole wall display with these things.  They’re pretty funky as they are but we’re going to funk them up more.