Patiently Waiting to go to Bisbee

I’m sitting here trying to do things other than firing up the torch because we’re supposed to be on our way to Bisbee, AZ, where my husband has a business meeting. It’s about 4 hours away and it’s also where my friend Kate Drew-Wilkinson lives. The only thing holding us up is that he can’t get the software uploaded to the potential customer’s site so there wouldn’t be much for him to demo if we got there.

I’m looking forward to going…Kate is always fun to spend time with and there is something about being with her that just inspires me. What wouldn’t be inspiring about a studio that looks like this?

Kate Drew-Wilkinson's Studio

Of course, you didn’t see the inside of it.  She’s been working out of the window front studio at her gallery so this one had kind of fallen by the wayside but still a charming little area. (I’m already starting to talk like her). She had mentioned that she’s cleaning it up some so she can teach again so we’ll see. Maybe I can give her a hand if we actually get down there!

Bisbee is a cute little mountain town too, set in the crevice of the mountains. What a trip it was the first time I went to visit Kate. I swear my car was going to tip over backwards driving up to her house….straight up the mountain. I was told that Bisbee is all about parking and stairs. I guess when all of the houses are built on the sides of the mountain there’s a shortage of both.

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  1. I love Bisbee! We had our honeymoon there (stayed at the Copper Queen). 🙂

    Can’t wait to get back there someday!

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