Visting Kate Drew-Wilkinson

I’m home from Bisbee. What a great time every time I get together with Kate. Ideas start flying and I can only believe that it’s always that way with her. But is it? I will never know. She also sent me home with some goodies….some fabulous star murrini. I’ve never really liked murrini but seeing them after she worked with them might have changed my mind a bit. They’re a special stash, I think, from the Effetre factory when she was traveling late this summer. Not just your regular red, red, white, blue and yellow that you see so much and nice and tiny so they’ll spread out well. I can’t wait to try them.

She has her studio behind windows that look out onto the street from her gallery so the passersby can watch her work. As we were there, two people came in from the Arizona Star and photographed her and interviewed her as she worked. I want to know, how does that happen?

They were there to do a story on visiting Bisbee but wouldn’t it be cool if people would just drop in on you to interview you? I mean, I don’t want to be famous and plastered everywhere but I want to be put out there so people come to buy my beads and jewelry!

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