The Return of Motivation

Lentil In HandIt’s a strange thing. I go through waves of high energy motivation times when I can feel it starting to kick in. Ideas start to fly into my head, things to write about, designs to create, new ways of marketing, all kinds of things I want to accomplish and I know if I don’t write them down RIGHT NOW, they will be gone forever when I’m on to the next thing.

And then there are times when I just feel stuck. Nothing comes, creativity is low, procrastination is high and I start to worry…but only a little bit. I think it’s natural at those times to fear that the groove will never return…that possibly I’ve gone into burnout and the joy of creating is lost forever. Interesting that the last two Sunday messages at church have been about “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.” What a timely message for me! Basically, I take it to mean, don’t believe all those little discouraging voices going on in your head that tell you that you’re washed up, you’ll never have a creative idea again, you’ve lost your groove.

I’ve learned over the years to have faith, on many levels. Things go in cycles and there is a time for everything. When you’re in a season of ‘down’, use that time for something else. If you’re not feeling creative, do some production work of old designs. Pick up something that you’ve been putting off and get it done. Do mindless, but necessary, work. Clean something that’s been needing it. Take a day off and spend it with your kids, which you mean to do anyway but never get a chance to.

I believe everything, yes everything, is for a reason. LISTEN to what it is that you SHOULD be doing in the times when something is blocking you and you’re not feeling motivated. I take it to mean that I should be focusing on something else that needs attention and usually when I take the time to do that for a while (and not let myself worry about other stuff that is not getting done in business while I’m doing it) then the flow returns. Creativity comes back 10-fold…maybe because of my obedience to follow the ebbs and flows instead of fighting them…maybe because I took time to tend to the things that were hanging over my head and now I’m free. Dunno. But today I say, go with it…don’t fight an uphill/upstream battle!

Whew. That was kinda good. I think that could use a vote or two. :o)

2 thoughts on “The Return of Motivation”

  1. Love the ‘summer fruit’ set …. just wish
    it was smaller…. ????

  2. You got my vote! That is all so true about how to deal with creative block. I shall put a link from the May issue of the Lampwork Carnival forthwith so that others can benefit as well.

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