Paying it Forward – When the Time is Right.

Yesterday I was gifted wtih 50 lbs of glass rods.  I’ve never even bought that much glass myself in one order.  And I personally, didn’t need it.  It’s all neatly bubble wrapped and packed into plastic bins.  I don’t even know what’s in there but it’s brand new.

Actually, I was gifted with it before the end of last year but just yesterday hooked up to receive the goods.

In the spirit of the giver, I need to pay it forward and since December I’ve been kicking around what to do.  I want to do something really cool.  Something out of the ordinary.  Sure, I could sell it and donate the proceeds.  Or give the glass to someone in need.  But those things, while good things, aren’t as meaningful to me, and how do you choose?  I want something with the most bang for the buck.  The most impact. The most good.

I’ve thought about picking one day a week and working only on beads to donate to a project like Beads of Courage and using that glass plus my time…so it’s a giving opportunity for me too, not just the donor. I’ve thought about having a bead-a-thon and supplying the materials but…eh.

I know the right thing will come to me at the right time…I’m waiting on the inspiration.

I just want to say, thank you to the very generous donor, Paula Moritz, and that at some point, at some time, this glass is going to be used for something worthy, and good.

What would YOU do? Help me brainstorm and spark me.

8 thoughts on “Paying it Forward – When the Time is Right.”

  1. Shari Hagewood

    What a wonderful idea! I think making beads for Beads of Courage with the gifted glass is a great idea. Another idea that just came to me – If someone has a fundraiser to help benefit a lampworker who is ill, or something like that, you could make something to donate for that.

    With so much glass donated I’m sure you will have plenty of opportunities to do good with it!

  2. I wish I had that problem.. too much glass that is. Lori, I am sure you will come up with something totally awesome to pay it forward. Go, Girl!

  3. i’d hold a giveaway for some of the glass-poor beadmakers on the forums (newbs and more experienced alike). Based on some of the threads i’ve seen, things are getting really tight for some – and there’d be nothing better than a lovely glassy package – could be used for pleasure or profit.

  4. Does a local school have an art program? I have a art teacher friend who teaches metalsmithing and beading in art class, and offered a lampworking club after school. The students had to pay for their own kit, and for many that’s hard enough, additional glass supplies are just out of reach for some.
    Maybe you have something like this locally? School budgets are beyond tight right now, maybe there is an art class or group that could use a few pounds?

  5. breast cancer…!!! is my pick…
    I just had my big scare….
    so my thoughts are with the women that were’nt as lucky as I was……….
    geeeeeeeeeeez was I scared for a week…

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