Off to Bisbee Arizona

…or the land that time forgot. I love the old mining companies turned artist town. At least that’s how I see them. Like Jerome, Arizona. Something about them makes you feel like time forgot them…back in the sixties.

No bras, no make-up, you get the picture. I’m sure there’s another side too, I mean, a town can’t run on all art, but I guess that’s what I choose to see. It’s romantic but I doubt I could ever live there. Maybe if I didn’t have a family I could run away and just make stuff and sell it. Wait, wasn’t that my original mission statement? To make stuff and sell it? Yes, that is what I wanted to do when I was 10 and still do. Of course, it’s a little more than that, huh? That darned selling part takes more than just receiving money!

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