Obvious Me.

Stitched Tab Focal BeadI realized something about myself today that I already knew. Huh? You know how when you take those personality tests you end up commenting that “I already knew that about myself” but you just never really had it confirmed or in black and white in front of you? Well, it’s one of those things. If you haven’t noticed, I tend to do things by coming in the back door.

While I, or my bead style, might make it seem like I’m just that way, it’s really very contrived. Huh?

What I’m talking about is that I always choose what the other guy is either not focusing on or overlooking. I was listening to a radio interview today of a former basketball player who made the comment, “That was the year I fell in love with defense.” My first thought was, I LOVE defense. My second thought was, but no one else does. Everyone wants to be the three point shooter, the slam dunker. No one says, “I want to be the defensive….anything.”

While I’m not a big sports person, I was when I was younger. I started playing softball when I was in 4th grade and through my whole softball ‘career’ in high school I was always put at positions like third base, short stop and pitcher. On top of that, I was always the third or 4th batter. All I ever wanted to do was play the outfield or catch…and when it came to batting…ew. I wanted to run the bases and steal! I finally got to do that but not until college and later.

When it came to volleyball, I didn’t want to be the spiker or power server (I couldn’t do the former very well anyway), I wanted to be the setter or picking up spikes from the other team. Basketball? Well, I just didn’t like that at all but I did like passing and dribbling drills.

I realize that I’ve always liked working behind the scenes, as was previously obvious in my glass bead ‘career’. Always pumping someone else up. Until recently, anyway. Always the secretary, never the boss. It also shows up in my ‘style(s)’. When everyone…ok, not everyone, but most everyone that I saw…was focusing on surface design, I went to shapes. Why compete where the market is bloated? Shapes started to catch on and I really went away from surface design and started to focus on decorating the edges of beads. See the trend?

I wonder what will be my next back door. I have a few in mind…now I just need the time.

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