Murrine-making learning curve.

I’m excited at how fast I am progressing in this technique. I am learning a lot from piece to piece and I’ve only done three so far. The first being the two-color signature cane and the other being the first color eye. The following piece uses a different angle of color mixing…laying on layers of color in the stringer (think a bullseye pattern of color layering) to achieve the pointillist effect. Letting the eye make the jump. Although, the stringers are pulled so small that the eye can’t even see the rings anymore and maybe the colors do mix? Here it is right out of the kiln: stringer stack murrini Interesting. I used a different fuse schedule to help avoid air pin holes. I do think that worked and will find out more when I cut a slice but it did slump over more in that process. It could be coincidence, the new fusing schedule, the fact that the stringer may have been longer than the last one? More air because I didn’t pack it like previous ones? The latter is probably it. Here it is compared to the first experiment: mosaic murrine The first one is shorter primarily because I took a slice. You can see though that the slumping happened above where the pipe form was. I haven’t quite figured out the physics of that though because the kiln paper did extend high enough to be a form and it slumped in, not out.   mosaic murrine Completed piece. I do like it a lot. I learned that powder pink strikes a LOT in the kiln, even though it had burned out some in the flame. Another live and learn and I’ll have to try another color that will darken up the flesh tones. It looks like some of the darkness is provided by using a transparent glass in the bullseye process…interesting.stringer stack murrini Here are the two eyes I’ve done. Time to move on and practice technique on another image. Maybe a mouth? Next up, building a form other than a circle. Maybe with fiber paper and block? I’m nervous but that edge is what keeps me finding new things and process.

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