Is Facebook the end of the blog? My blog?

I fear that Facebook has taken away my need and desire to blog.

It is so easy to pop up a picture of what I’m working on, what I’m doing, what’s for dinner or fermenting on my counter top.

Time once spent blogging is easily taken up by browsing what everyone else is currently doing,on Facebook.

I am able to show my works in progress and the completed pieces on Facebook on my business page and now I am even able to sell them on my Facebook store page.

I have gotten good at putting deeper thoughts and musings into short, concise status updates and enjoy the interaction with others as a result. The blog does not work so much that way.

So, where does this leave my blogging? Do you even feel you have time to read blogs anymore? I find myself skimming my blog list once in a while now, scrolling through the pictures, scanning past most of the words. Have you read this far? If so, it’s probably because I’ve been writing in one sentence paragraphs.

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