I made it! Sonoran Arts League Juried Artist.

Would Be 1K Dollar DisksI can’t tell you how excited I am today. I picked up mail and saw the letter from the Sonoran Arts League and immediately thought, “it’s faster to write a form rejection letter than it is to send a nice congratulations letter.” That’s my ‘Rotten Region’ upbringing you know…first response is always why you can’t do something rather than how great it will be.

I’m talking about the jury process I entered five pieces into Sunday.

While I loved the pieces I submitted and I’m feeling really good about what I’ve achieved since I started working with glass, I am very humbled by the talent present in the art league. Artists that have been making a living at their craft for years and years and years. The league itself has been around for 20 years. But still, I told myself, you can’t become a juried artist if you don’t apply, right? So I applied.

When I went to drop my pieces off on Sunday my heart about sunk. I knew that they were jurying 2D and 3D art and 30 artists in each. I walked in to people unloading bronze sculptures with dollies, huge, beautiful ceramic pieces, incredible paintings and intricate carved totems. In I walk with my two little boxes of 2 neck pieces, 2 bracelets and a pair of earrings. I didn’t even stay to look around. So I just put it out of my head. As you’ve guessed, the letter today was a welcome letter to join the juried artists.

Now here is something that I bet surprises you. Being accepted as a juried artist into this group is the thing in my life I’m most proud of accomplishing professionally. And what does it really mean? Not a whole heck of a lot. But I feel more excited about this than I did when I finally received my masters degree. I feel more excited about this than when I made the cover of the magazine last month. I shouldn’t say excited…I feel honored. While it feels great to get recognition from your friends, family and peers, it feels really good to get recognition from those that you actually feel humbled by and professionals in the field…based solely on my work…not by some personal connection I’ve made or relationship I’ve developed.

Whew. Enough mushy gushy. Back to beads. Next book phase is done and mailed, most recent article is ready to be mailed tomorrow, orders are almost done and I’m ready to CREATE some new stuff tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “I made it! Sonoran Arts League Juried Artist.”

  1. Congratulations! I am not surprised, as I am sure, the rest of your blogees are not either! You might have been in awe over the other artists’ work; I am in awe of YOUR work! Feel good about it; enjoy it; accept the honor; tell everyone and live it up today! I am so happy for you!

  2. Thanks Ginny. Now, if I wasn’t so hard on myself, what would drive me? Maybe I’ll try it and find out. :o)

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