From Polymer to Glass.

b060912aDid I ever show you what I did in my life before glass beads? Polymer clay beads…for about probably hmmm…a long time. I was very happy doing polymer, but not very happy with the sales. I’m not quite sure what that was all about. Since I started doing glass I’ve found that there is more of a business aspect to it, or at least, it’s more accessible and I’ve learned a lot from those resources.

When I did polymer, while there were people on the business end, there seemed to be a lot more hobbyists. I didn’t know where to go to learn about the business end of shows and I floundered around a lot doing shows that were expensive and not suited to my art and fell into a lot of sales traps.


Whew. Those days were hard. My first experience with selling my glass beads was instant success…and it’s not because my beads were good. They were simple, two colored dotted beads, like almost everyone learns at first. But they sold. Fast. It was amazing. I mean, do these polymer beads I’m showing you here today look that bad? At the time I wasn’t impressed with them but looking at them today when I found them while cleaning the studio I’m thinking I did ok.

There are some great sites out there for polymer resources like Polymer Clay Central, the Polyzine and their print magazine Polymer Cafe. It’s just interesting to me that while the polymer community had lots of resources the second I found glass it all just clicked for me.


So where was I? Ah yes. What I did before glass. Before polymer (or maybe it was even at the same time) I had a product called “Abundance Box.” I found some of them today too as I was cleaning. That’s the great thing about doing shows…I come home and am useless for a couple days so I clean and organize. The Abundance Box was a way of creating abundance in your life. They were hand painted and came with instructions on how to put your dreams and wishes into writing and put them in the box and let it do the rest. Ok. Hokey, I know. But it sounded like a cool thing at the time.


So anyway…we saw a glass demonstration up at the local farmers market and it was the coolest thing, Hot Head torch and all. My husband made me sign up for a class and I warned him that I didn’t need another medium. He said nonsense, in not so many words, and the rest is history. I sold everything in my polymer studio on line and funded a new glass studio. Ta Da! Here I am.



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