Drugs and Creativity.

I heard a reference on the radio to drugs helping someone to be more creative which reminded me of a group I was leading back in the day when I was a counselor. It was an out-patient court-mandated group for people with drug and alcohol charges. One of the largest addictions that we would see was crystal meth and a young man, probably about 24 years old was talking about how much more productive he could be because you didn’t need to sleep. He also said that it made him more creative.

Now, while I had my share of fun when I was in college and experimented maybe a little too much at times, the kinds of drugs there are today just weren’t around back then so I never tried, and probably wouldn’t have, meth. I can understand someone feeling more creative.

My question to that young man was, “So, how creative are you when you’re not high, and what does that say about you as an artist?” Basically, I mean to ask, if you feel more creative when you’re under the influence, that’s one thing, but can you still be a creative artist without that crutch? If not, why? And wouldn’t it be cool to work through what those blocks are without having to rely on a substance?

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