Blade Shaper tool at ARTCO

While I was in Tucson last weekend I picked up a few tools. What’s a show without buying something. Like I need more tools. But this one was only six bucks people. Six Dollars. $6. How can you go wrong with that?


It’s the Blade Shaper S1 at ARTCO. He (was it Malcolm?) said that it reminds him of his dad’s wood handled knives. Which was funny because it really does. It reminds me of my grandpa’s pocket knives that I always wanted to use to whittle sticks when I was a kid. Sharp as a, well, knife. You know how grandpa’s knives are. Reeeeally sharp. Oh wait. Doesn’t everyone have a grandpa with sharp knives? Is my midwestern girl showing through a bit?

I do believe this will be replacing my razor tool for making nice creases. Nice and sturdy. Nice balance. My razor tool thing was never held in place well enough anyway if I pushed hard enough trying to make a crease it would often let loose before my bead release would even give. Now it can do what it does best…scrape the spilled frit and splintered shards of glass away from my immediate work area into a pile to be vacuumed up at a later date. Which reminds me. That pile is getting pretty big. I think a picture may be in line in the near future.

So, there’s your tool for the week. I got a couple other tools that I’ll share too, just as soon as I do something with them.