New Medallion-style Bead on eBay

Check it out. This is the first bead I’ve put on auction in I-don’t-know-how-long. Have you missed seeing beads here?


I’m really excited about this new direction, although it will be a little while before I can explore it further. The thing I like about them are the nice medallion shape with a flat back. Perfect for a neck piece but also could work for a funky chunky bracelet design. Have you ever had one of those beads that just feel good in your hand? Moreso than others? This is one of those.

I hope to be listing more on my site and my eBay store but also to have a full inventory for Beadfest Phoenix at the beginning of May. So plan to come see them there if you’re in the area. May 2-4.


eBay makes me warm and fuzzy…

glass lampwork elusive dotted bead lori greenbergHere is another elusive dotted bead.  I like the design much better, as you can see that the thick transparent band is nestled into the dots much better.  I’m getting there but you guys are killing me.  You know that I opened my ebay store and I can’t keep anything in it. Well, maybe for a few days but then they sell.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’m feeling warm and fuzzy for eBay…never thought I’d feel that come out of these typing fingers.  I’ll get some more up as soon as I get a minute or two between orders.

Sorry so late today…something on our server re-set and I couldnt’ get to any of my documents.  Thank goodness it was only that and not something more fatal like others are experiencing around me.  See you tomorrow.

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