Carnival of Art Beads and Jewelry – Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of the Carnival of Art Beads and Jewelry.  Sit back and enjoy the links that were submitted for this month’s carnival.


Fay Katherine presents Perfecting Your Craft.  Read along as Fay tells you about her own process of perfecting her craft while working on artmarbles.

Julia Benson-Slaughter presents Boro color thoughts.


Lisa Liddy presents Holiday Jewelry?  See what Lisa has to say about holiday beads this year.  If you know her, you might be surprised.  And if you don’t know her, you need to acquaint yourself with her gorgeous jewelry!


Suzanne presents Practice makes perfect… Or Does it?  Another post on Perfecting Your Craft by Suzanne in Australia.

Michelle Mach presents Getting Started Making Glass Beads posted at Beading Daily.  Hey look!  Michelle posted her entry about getting started making glass beads…by me!  Thanks Michelle!  Beading Daily is the new beading blog at Interweave press.

Aparna presents Beauty and Personality Grooming: Care of Your Jewellery.  If you’ve ever wondered what the best way to clean gold, silver, pearls, gems, costume jewelry and more, this post will be of great interest.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Art Beads and Jewelry using the carnival submission form. Deadline for next issue is November 25th.

Would you like to host this carnival yourself?  It’s easy!  Drop me and email.

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  4. I am mad on making jewellery. Jump ring, chainmail, wire wrap, dichroic glass, silver, bronze and copper clay. As I run my own website too I am adding jewellery design ideas to my blog also how I maintain my website, photograph my jewellery, etc. I hope everyone will find my blog useful.

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