I Love Shows

I love shows….I can honestly say that I loved every minute of it. I could do it every weekend, but don’t tell my husband that because he had the kids.  I met some really really interesting people and doing this show taught me that I do need to be with people more.While I love the quiet little secluded cocoon of my studio, what a wonderful experience to talk with people about your work and hear feedback. I mean, I get great feedback via email but to actually see peoples facial expressions….priceless.

Oh, did I say, I had a good show? I’m very happy with how it went. More later…I have some custom changes and orders to fill.

DIY Spreads the Glass Word

A funny highlight of my studio tour show was when a little girl, maybe about 10 years old walked into the door and stopped in her tracks. Her mouth literally fell open and she said, “Is that all glass?” as she looked at my glass rod storage.

I laughed and said, “Yep. How do you know that?” and she replied “DIY”. So, we got to talking and she said her favorite show was Crafters Coast to Coast but that she ‘basically just turns on DIY and watches whatever comes on.” She asked if I’ve been on TV.

Beads Sell at Jewelry Shows Too.

Whew! What a weekend! My first studio show and what fun! After seeing what people like I’m inspired to new designs. I never thought that being the show could be inspiring as I’ve always been the one going to the shows and gleaning inspiration.

There were many highlights of the weekend and many interesting observations. While I set out to sell my jewelry I was pleasantly surprised to find out that many many people were interested in loose beads.

Someone saw a few little sets sitting out in baggies that I need to ship and asked if I was selling them. I explained they were already sold but as as a matter of fact, “look what I do have” and I pulled out my boxes of beads that were waiting to be made into jewelry pieces. They loved it. So I sold a lot of my beads, too.

Then I got the brainstorm that I had heard talked about in the forums of other show people that they have a “dollar bowl.” I thought, why not? I have a big box of beads that were my ‘experiment’ beads. Those that come about when I’m testing a new tool or working out a color scheme or design but don’t go further to become a set or a piece of jewelry. They were a hit too.

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