Wednesday What is it? No. 3

sterling silver interchangeable bead pendantHere we go….Wednesday What Is It? Number Three.

This week’s lovely prize is a hefty Burgard Studio sterling silver interchangeable bead pendant. A retail value of $27.99.

What you need to do:

Look at the cross section picture that I have below and leave a comment with your best guess as to what it is. Make it count because you only get one chance. Then, come back on Monday morning when I announce the winner. Guessing is open until Monday at midnight, Arizona USA time.

I tried to make this one a bit more difficult (but then again, I thought the last one would be a stumper). So, if I see that no one is guessing correctly I’ll come back with hints and open it up to allow second guesses.

Sound good? Cool.

Here’s this week’s Wednesday What Is It?


First Fabricated Silver Pieces

This is one of the silver pieces that I did after Catherine Ondrey came to the studio and gave me a mini class. I haven’t decided if I’m going to sell these through my site. I think maybe only wholesale to galleries and shops and then also, in my own shows. Maybe I’ll throw one up every once in a while.I do pretty much have everything I need now though.