Kerri Fuhr eTutorial Contest and Review

Welcome to your next opportunity to win a great eTutorial.  Today I’m happy to be reviewing Kerri Fuhr’s Tapestry Scrollwork eTutorial.

kerri fuhr tapestry scrollwork etutorial

If you’ve ever seen Kerri’s beads in person you probably remember their grace, elegance and attention to detail.  Her writing and tutorial instructions follow suit and give you that same feel.

Kerri has managed to make this intricate design look simple with her easy and informative instructions and images.  Straightforward and to the point, teaching intricate stringer work and raking techniques, Kerri takes into consideration that beginners will be using this tutorial as well.

As you read the directions for scrolling stringer application and dot placement you feel like you’re right there with Kerri, watching over her shoulder. You can feel the methodical pace at which she works, not rushing and making sure every aspect is just as she wants it.  You feel the specialness of the pieces she creates and how much she cares about them.  I know it’s a strange thing to say but it was soothing to read this tutorial.  It must have been Kerri’s gentleness coming through.

The images are clear and you get a great view of what is going on in each step.  I would have to say that this is one of the best representations of stringer control in print that I’ve seen.  Kerri is very clear about explaining the ‘sweet spot’ at the flame when applying stringer…something that is difficult to describe and also giving suggestions to alternatives if you’re not ready to jump in and use very fine guage stringer.  She’s thought of it all.

Kerri also gives permission for you to make as many beads as you want in this style however, encourages you explore further on your own.  Two thumbs up from this reviewer!

Now the fun part.  Your chance to win your own copy.  Just leave a comment after this post and you will be entered to win.  The contest will run from right now until midnight (AZ, USA time) on June 13th.  Be sure to come back and check if you’re the lucky winner and I’ll get with you to find out where you want Kerri to email your tutorial.

And, if you just can’t wait to see if you’re the winner, surf on over to Kerri’s Etsy store and buy your own copy.  Seventeen pages, $18.  Well worth it.

Win an Aardvark Art Glass ebook. Learn to make a Screaming Cactus or Fish.

Todays review is of two tutorial ebooks by Cathy Lybarger of Aardvark Art Glass.  You probably recognize Cathy’s expressive beads and now you can learn how to get the same effects in your own beads.

it's a wonderful fish tutorial

It’s a Wonderful Fish is 20 pages of beautiful, clear pictures and easy-to-read instruction that teaches how to form the body of a whimsical fish and create the eyes and lips that have so much character in Cathy’s pieces.  I’ve tried to make faces before and have come up short when trying to give them personalities.  Cathy’s methods show the nuances behind the facial features of her fish that will put you well on the road to creating your own characters beyond fish!

Cathy says that she doesn’t think that her fish are that complex so even beginners can follow the instructions.

Her other tutorial is for her Screaming Cactus bead.

screaming cactus glass bead tutorial

This tutorial is a little shorter, but the price is a little lower too and it’s another great resource for learning to make charicature type beads with exaggerated whimsical features that really do give the effect of the faces actually saying something to the viewer.  Cathy offers the beginner version of the Screaming Cactus (the barrel cactus) as well as a more advanced version (the saguaro cactus with arms) so all levels of beadmaker will be happy with this tutorial.

You will learn about layering colors and encased stringer and a little secret about how to achieve those great teeth!

Cathy gives you a little insight as to how she came about her beads that appear to scream.  She also includes a “cheat sheet” at the end of the tutorial that is a pictorial guide to the tutorial so that once you read it, you can keep the cheat sheet by your torch as you work through the steps without having to flip through the pages as you go.

Both tutorials are an easy, fun, read and you will be sure to pick up tips for whimsical sculpting in glass no matter what experience level you are.  Would you like to win your own copy of one of these tutorials?  Cathy is giving away two copies of her ebooks and all you have to do is comment here and on May 4th (two weeks from today) I will randomly choose a winner.  Each winner can choose which ebook they would like and Cathy will zip it off to them.

So come on, leave your comment!  Even if you already own the tutorials, why not enter and surprise a friend who doesn’t yet have it!  Do you already have pictures of your own fish, cactus or characters you’ve come up with after using Cathy’s tutorials? Shoot me a picture and I’ll put them on the contest page!  No, you don’t get an extra entry or anything but you’ll get your picture in the gallery for the world to see.

Good luck!