Inspiration – What’s Behind Door Number Two?

Have you ever been artistically inspired by something and don’t know what to do with it? Inspiration is a funny thing to me. To me it is a spark that ignites inside of me. It pushes me to work, excites me, compels me. But it doesn’t give me clear ideas of where to go. Sometimes I wish I could get that inspired feeling and sit down and create a masterpiece in one fervent sitting. Unfortunately, I don’t think it works that way.  At least, not for most of us. I think ‘inspiration’ can be a misleading word in what we think it is in our fantasy world. At least, for me.

lg080121a1bobgertzdoors.jpgBut anyway…I wrote about how I’m inspired by bright colors but don’t like to work in bright colors. That is still confusing to me. These days I’m being inspired by doors. That’s right. Doors. I’ve always loved pictures of crusty, paint-peeling southwest, mission style, Santa Fe-like doors.

This summer we were at an art show in Prescott, AZ and I got a triptych-type framed photo of three doors, photoshopped in lovely, lush colors by Bob Gertz. It’s big and it hangs over my desk.

I see doors as symbolic, mysterious. What is behind them? What do they lead to? What part of our psyche do they represent? What do they say about us? What about the fantasy of doors leading to alternate realities?

So much good stuff there. But what do I do with it? Right now I’m letting it stew in my own psyche. Something will come, but I know I can’t force it.

Testing Glass Colors

Today I’ll take on the subject of testing glass colors, at the prompting of Susan over at FlamingHot.

The skinny on my testing glass colors is, for the most part, I don’t do it.  It’s too frustrating for me.  I want a finished product when I put that bead into the kiln and testing does not give me those results.

I’ve tested tools and I’ve tested frit.  I’ve tested my brains out.  I have no more desire to test.

That said…sometimes I do need to come up with a certain color, or I have an idea about a combination of colors I’m not quite sure about and like Suzy said in her post, I do test beads.  But that is when I need to know something specific.

It’s hard for me to step out of my structured (to me) little world and just play.  Which is kind of sad, don’t you think?  I need the muse to call me in order to play and I am making sure that when that happens, I listen because I need that play time.

Now, on the other hand, I love the idea of testing glass colors.  I love the idea of sitting down and trying all kinds of combinations and then either photographing or mounting them on a foam board and labeling all of them for future reference.   I love the idea of compiling something like that for others to use for themselves.  I love compiling projects like that.  If I had spare time, that is what I would do.

But then again, I like stuffing envelopes.