Monet Bead with a Twist or Two.

Here’s a Monet series bead done in non-Monet like colors. I like exploring the different colors within this technique because the results can be very surprising. This type of bright color work I can handle because it’s toned down with organic elements.

The Monet beads were a hit at the Gathering, especially in the large size. While I think I take pretty good photos, I think the depth of these just aren’t evident. I’d love to hear from those of you that traded wtih me for a Monet about how you think the pictures here compare to the real thing.

The Road to Psychedelia…

Bright Experiments

I played with the bright colors yesterday and I think YOU all will like them even though I still git a little zitzle up my spine when I look at them.

I think the more I work with the brights the more used to seeing them in my work I’ll get. Don’t pay too much attention to the style or design because it’s more of an exercise right now in getting the color down and seeing what it all does together.

So, here they are…and I’ll probably regret showing these but hey, it’s my blog and I can delete. So you better save them now so you can blackmail me later…

Psychedelia, here I come…

While at the Gathering my personal counselor/roommate and I decided that I have a deep seated block to bright colors that would be worth breaking through.

I vowed that I would work on that and I have to say that Mike Frantz put the icing on the cake when he traded for one of my beads and said that if I would have put it in the auction it probably would have gone for $150. Hm. Maybe there’s something to those bright colored objects. Rest assured…they won’t be looking anything like all the bright beads out there. So, stay tuned…my brain is a little too scattered to work on my regular designs so the bright colors are coming out!