Keeping it Simple when Designing.

the bridgeTime and time again I see beads on auction going for high (to me) prices and I wonder “how”? C’mon, you know we all do it. Bead sellers, that is. We wonder, what do they have that I don’t? I can do that! Why don’t MINE sell for that much? I might even have more skill than those take. Well, I’ve come to somewhat of an answer and it really is no revelation in itself.

We as artists see it differently than the untrained eye. More is not always better. We see it through the eyes of what skill it takes or what process was used to get to the end product. The consumer (for the most part) just sees something and either likes it or not. It doesn’t matter to most what went into it or how many layers there are.

Another reason this comes up for me quite frequently (especially after shows) is because the things that I think won’t sell are the first to fly off the shelf. This happens almost every single time and it’s usually a really simple design. Kate Drew-Wilkinson taught me that simple is good…it’s elegant. It sells. So, why do I keep trying to be so intricate? Huh? Because it makes me feel good. It’s what I love the most about what I do. It’s the creating, the process.

Which brings me to the third reason this comes up for me. Again, after a show and seeing what people are up to and what is in and out and selling and not. How does one make a living as an artist? The way I see it, if you’re like what I mentioned above you gotta have your bread and butter in order to be able to enjoy the lobster. Meaning, you have to have those tried and true simple hits to sustain you so that you can support the artist inside.

I know what you’re thinking. It doesn’t have to be that way. I’d love to hear stories of it not being that way! Some interesting things to think about.

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